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  1. Blue Moon Coors Fat Tire Assorted ciders and sours
  2. HoneyBuns

    Name an iconic duo

    Harley and Poison Ivy
  3. Pizza hut and Cici's lol
  4. HoneyBuns

    Movies/TV Movies you've never seen

    gone with the wind titanic most marvel movies total recall Harry potter though I want to lord of the ring star wars
  5. depends if I'm making something quick or a real dinner for me and my boyfriend.today I made biscuits and sausage gravy with scrambled eggs and we loved it. I make a lot of salmon/other meats with veggie sides. I make homemade carbonara too. a good quick meal we eat is rice and overeasy eggs.
  6. st. patricks day bc it's literally just annoying drunks. ugh. though irish food is pretty bomb. vday is meh but when not single, you get to usually have a decent date.
  7. meeting my bfs family for the first time on thanksgiving and very nervous tbh

  8. I think it can be a great general guide and way to see things in a different light. I don't like it's a predicting thing as much as people think. I'm a pisces sun, cancer moon. I've always been sentimental and emotional and feel that being born in those really make it more obvious.
  9. seasoned curly fries. oop. google smashed potatoes sometime too.
  10. Potato soup. So cozy...tummy is like "nah dawg" lol sometimes subway too.
  11. orange vanilla coke is...weird

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    2. Angle Alastor

      Angle Alastor

      have you tried cherry 7up ? :3

    3. HoneyBuns


      @FeatherStream nooo sounds good tho. cherry sodas are my fav actually.

    4. Angle Alastor

      Angle Alastor

      i tried it and its verry good :3

  12. think ill cook a big meal tonight if i find motivation to clear everything to make room. lol

  13. New banner is cute

  14. why are some people so hard to get along with? jesus

    1. Snow


      Because we're all so different, with so many people in the world and so much variation it's just plain impossible that everyone would click :dash:

    2. HoneyBuns


      @Snow I get that. I mean hostility out of nowhere more than just common differences though.

  15. 1. AJ 2. Fluttershy 3. Starlight 4. Dash 5. Spike 6. Twilight 7. Pinkie (I wanna like her more soooooo bad... she's so cute but just lacks depth for me sigh) 8. Rarity
  16. 1. Applejacks 2. Coco Puffs 3. Fruity Pebbles/Cap'n crunch
  17. I don't usually care for Maud ones, ones with babies, and a lot of Pinkie ones.
  18. i still havent seen any of season 9 sksksks

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    2. Splashee


      Let me guess, you are waiting for Netflix?


      I no longer have to be afraid of spoilers now. I recommend staying away from Youtube for a few weeks to be fully clear of any evil thumbnails!

    3. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      That, a comparable service or even DVDs (whenever they happen to finally catch up.) I got my Season 7 DVD recently, which was a good excuse to re-watch it.


      I'm actually not too bothered about spoilers; running permanently behind and seeing the odd thumbnail has inured me to them.

    4. HoneyBuns


      @Once In A Blue Moon same about spoilers. ive always been behind. im rewatching the whole series on netflix atm anyways

  19. Had stuffed crust pizza oml

  20. HoneyBuns

    Your favourite...

    Uh a early 2000s ford escape. why? the plastic trim. it looks adventurous. yes, i coulda picked fancier ones but meh. that'd be a nice car i'd gladly own. favorite powerpuff girl?
  21. I always end up going back to AJ as my fav mane six. Dash and Flutters tied for second. Sweetie and Apple bloom are fav secondary.
  22. I don't mind as long as it's not humid and if there's proper AC. Otherwise I like fall and winter.
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