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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Fluori


      Thanks, mate!

  2. That might have been a changeling, but it kinda looks like me.

  3. Burnout by Tarby One of the more obscure ones.
  4. When I saw this question, and still, the song stuck in my head was "I've Got To Find A Way." I swear I don't always have MLP songs in my head, I just do today...
  5. A girl I was friends with used to be but she gradually got less and less into it. No guys actually, I knew around 3. I don't think any of them like it anymore, guess they were just into it because they were in the target audience back then.
  6. This was my first cat, Mitzie. She was so sweet and loved to curl up with me. I miss my cuddly buddy.