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  1. Yeah the friend who stopped talking me decided a month later now to stop the snapstreaks thingy with me. Like great. I guess the last message wasn't too nice in some way and i coulda put it lil nicer but hm I only said how I feel really as I was yet to tell anything much. I guess I had a feeling it would happen anyway and keeping snapstreaks doesn't hide the fact we aren't talking no more and that is literally like no reply received back. It won't be a chore that I have to do anymore on the other hand i'll miss her more and all the random photos of things she sent even if she probs sends to multiple ppl lool. It's just sad and marks a proper end to stuff.
  2. I'm gonna enter I think might not have it ready for a while but should be enough time ^^
  3. Not really. Maybe in a certain context (i might have known rd better from a certain media originally) but nah they are jus characters its more interesting to look at the personality and design, they aren't even drawn to look sexy like furries with a six pack or big chest whatever (and if they are it doesnt make sense) and in the end its just cartoons. The human versions even less so tho. I can see why ppl like the personalities of the ponies tho, im sure there are ppl irl very similar so lol.
  4. Well they seem to have a sort of monarchy although there seemed to be some selection process to it. It seems to be for exculsively unicorns. With a certain ability and maybe class. And they will go through tests and trials of power. Some people have likened it to philospher kings though i'm not sure exactly how close that be. There is ofc no voting system except I suppose the ones already in power and the teachers of the elite who select the candidates. There are still organisations and ruling bodies for certain things like we see the EAA and economically it seems to be sort of capitalist.
  5. 2.30 am I guess :unsure: 

  6. Like my fursona *wink wink* well that's a little different of a concept hahah I dunno about those they can get annoying Idk i act like I feel like but i might moderate that depending on the person yeah. But if anything me being different is that the medium of text and real life interaction is soo different.
  7. Nah I only use social media which is direct to people like chat groups and that. Or forums I guess lulz I have a mostly empty fb account jus for work purposes or if i ever need anything from a group or whatever and linkedin ye
  8. Other than certain fish items and peas and such I think things in boxes are better. In fact for things like proper tomato sauce u probably be better with a jar or carton. And fresh is even better.
  9. Always happy to talk probably not really looking to date anyone at dis time but I'm willing to listen to problems and such if u ever feel the need
  10. Make frens with them and play games and that. It's fun hanging out under the bed. And tell the one in the closet to come out as gay already.
  11. Many parents are actually not very good at all. We hear this from teachers talking about bad home life of kids or how they put all the care onto them. That is why I don't think they should be the only arbiters of names. They don't get sent to prison for naming wrong no real harm is done to them. I don't think people should usually intervene. If is obviously something disgusting or nonsensical I think there is a right to intervene. I know kids can still get beat up and rejected even for normal names but why do u want increase that with something ridiculous. It is confusing to name someone after something strange and just makes people respect them less. The proof is that even adults find something like that stupid and not just judgemental ones. Not just kids who bully for whatever reason. Drunk mother named kid after s** should the kid live with that? I think even if tattoos did not cause bleeding and breaking of the skin they would be harm because they impose something that stays a very long time. So are words. If you give a name that is clearly negative people will associate that with u. Words and names have meanings ya know. And if it is nonsensical it just creates confusions for everyone and like I said a name is practical. It isn't a crime naming someone wrong so there is no punishment. Nor censorship, it is a legal requirement and something others use not just the parents, society don't have to accept it totally but really there are still limits. It will not lead to people being sent to prison because people think u are thinking wrong or probably doing something wrong. It will not lead to bans of anything that might get u bullied.
  12. Just by the way people react to something like hhsjjsggdshnsbs should be enough to tell that is just a joke of a name. The only legitimate reason I see to use such a name is as protest and even that seems kinda cruel. Names are there for use and for people to see and be able to use. What do the parents benefit from that? So they want to see their kid get rejected for jobs or bullied by others? Should the parents be allowed to force tattoos on the child? There is no evidence of being harm done? Or since this is a physical object it isnt seen as harm? The parent doesn't speak totally for the child. Other adults are allowed to intervene. What about how school forces values on people? People have to get their values from somewhere. Or should it be only parents who force their values on their children. Yeah be allowed to make mistakes and abuse to some extent. But at some point children are taken away. Maybe it is usually for physical reasons but it can be mental or emotional, those are legit forms of abuse. They don't have to wait for that "evidence" in the form of something like getting beat up or getting rejected if it is clearly stupid. Sure u think naming someone in a certain way doesn't cause harm. But it does. It causes harm to the child. Someone is allowed to come in and say no just like if a child is getting beat up. Since there is an official process this is the best point to do that. If there wasn't such a naming process then I still think people have the right to intervene. If it decreases the chances of a kid getting beat up then I rather that then freedom to call ur kid certain really messed up names. Like I said there should be no formal law only that if something is clearly stupid then it is likely to be rejected by someone more sane. Harms are not just physical and especially kids do not have the ability to keep themselves emotionally and mentally safe being under the will of their parents all the time and the fact they are still developing. Kids are the ones that people protect from harms the most and that is why they can't watch certain content and videos etc etc. Parents can override some of that but there is a reason that there are a lot of legalities round this.
  13. Yeah who wants pizza burgers or burger pizzas.