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  1. Yea they would need to hire new singers xP and cut dialogue. I'm thinking of like an actual musical on stage hahah I mean they made shrek a musical so why not Haven't seen that movie tbh after the first series of steven universe I stopped watchin lol I liked the lion thingy I guess
  2. No pony germs for me plz lol (especially during corona times)
  3. I think a musical would be cool. Could take the most populat songs from mlp and make a new story. Or maybe make completely new songs. Or yea the movie could be a musical I guess lol
  4. Yeah a lot of it is a bit cut and paste, but then again it is kinda what a lot of ppl want. There are styles and trends that come in like certain trendy species, or things like certain cartoons that influence the fandom but yea otherwise I kinda seem to see the same things time after time after a while at least in the more mainstream parts. Art advice I heard is that is is good to find an art tribe with a similar style or philosophy. So it can help to have people around you to inspire and learn from but yeah, it is about cultivating your own thing. I think you can make a lot money drawing or crafts on sites like etsy. Drawing for fandoms especially obscure ones is a good way to get commisions I think haha. Actually I heard the exact opposite (from someone not in the fandom or involved anyway). Oh the fursuits never seem to look like the characters on those badge thingys they wear lol.
  5. I mean I do like the big eye thing sometimes depending on how. Though ye generally for me the whole styles it does get all a bit cliche after a while. Like there are good and interesting artists. It sometimes makes me want to give up doin arts tbh though there are some furry artists who are like wow so much detail and craft. I also like those art doll things. But yeah I take my inspiration from as many sources as possible lol I like childrens story books and cartoons and generally anything like drawing from real life is also good but then simplifying it down I never really liked the second life avatars nor imvu for that matter lol Vr chat has more interesting furry avatars I have seen some quite cutsy stuff, as well as shibes and cool dragons. If anything Im more freaked about the toony eyes on fursuits haha I like eyes with a bit of shape though kinda like puppy eyes. Though I like cute anime eyes too. Or just human eyes on a dog or whatever hahahhhah x3 now that actually sounds like it could be freaky
  6. Ugh so bored cuz of this mental health seminar thing i have to sit for ages lol with webcam thing on I mean its helpful but oof And lol how they stopped for a break said ppl r gettin restless I think maybe that was me oops it is kinda uncomfortable jus sitting there ages its not like an inperson thing
  7. I started to warm up to the disney style at least the ones that are very disney. I think the most common style is that semi realistic but still quite toony style which does have some disney ish ness but is a bit more different. I'm kinda tired of seeing the same sort of furry art myself and also furry guy with a six pack or whatever haha. I guess aggretsuko is more the kawaii thing. It's an evolved version of hello kitty in a way with more san-x vibes than traditional sanrio. Japan has a whole lot of animal type cute mascots. It's kinda a way to communicate and show feelings I think. Like how aggretsuko embodies how a lot of Women in Japan may feel and is therefore relatable but also very cute. I mean my mum likes anthro animals a lot and she is defo not a furry at least by definition lol But she likes things like peter rabbit and atagoru (anthro cats in it). If anything she would be more furry in someways she likes those kinda furry characters who wear clothes and talk act quite a lot like people hah I prefer "feral" furries a lot of the time but I do like anthro for certain stuff like comics. And I like cartoonish stuff rather than too real ----- Also to me it seems like furry is creeping into brony. I was looking at the older brony survey things and it seems like more ppl started to identify as furries maybe as more furs entered or more bronies became furries idk lol it's old survey so idk about nowdays.
  8. You don't need to be a furry to enjoy anthro animals Most of these media are not by ppl who identify as furs as such although there are some good furry comics hehe Furry just appreciate anthromorphic animals, but a lot of it I think is about the community and culture. Most furries have a fursona, though occasionally some may not or they just have a lot of ocs or a character they like etc. I get what you mean about fursuits they r kinda goofy and strange kinda stiff sometimes. They are a bit strange and for me irl part of the fandom is a little bit too dominated by them even though I also think they are cool sometimes. A lot of the time I rather just appreciate the art. I am not a fan of like identifying with what I am wearing or whatever although saying that I still think about such a suit lol after being involved with the fandom since it could be fun to act in or dance in whatever. Though I don't like being stuck with one character and these suits get quite pricey even if u make them urself it will at least cost the materials and the time. Much more than any cheap cosplay lol There are the more realistic suits too ofc I think a convention could be fun though, I never been to any myself but they do sound like enjoyable. In a sense werewolves are a strange one as a small set of furries who do use them as sonas and some of the media. Technically they are humans with animal traits in a way x3 rather than animals with human traits. I think there are a lot more therians (a select who may be furries) who are into werewolves. Therians are the sort who believe they are animals or such as I think. Werewolves also cross into the fantasy realm and things like vampires come to mind. At the end of the day though it's about enjoying what you like rather than having to put yourself in another box or whatever lol
  9. Food I had at japanese cafe


  10. Yeah maybe a little bigger and less clingy would work nicer. I didn't wanna make it too big looking though as it is a samurai helmet of a certain sort which is slightly less bulky but it is true that the rim of the hat could be a bit more expanded ya maybe widen out more :3 that would still fit around the head nicely and have a bit more room. It is a lil hard to empathise that side view haha ( I guess id have to end up covering the ears too for width) but yes this is my first time drawing such armour haha so I did end up putting in some similarities to his original armour lol which was a little more tight thanks for the tips
  11. I haven't really been here that long like actively involved nor do I even know if I was a big part of it to begin with xP I mean I watched stuff in the beginning but I didn't really get involved much back then outside youtube commenting lol I think it's more just fading in and fading out interest. Love to make some more pony art though~
  12. There was this thing about escaping from hell (the nice part of it apparently I guess if u didnt do much bad). So I landed in hell (well not me exactly but the character i was) tho its not like the one ppl imagine just seemed kinda normal. All the ppl who get there r a bit like zombie like but like they can think properly just like dead but alive. Anyway there is this dormitory and you get in it and with 3 other ppl. But cuz it hell it is all dark and they hardly ever give u light idk why. Anyway later my "sister" arrives (i dont have one irl). She has brown hair and tall and somethin. Anyway i talk with her and walk with her and some others around "hell" which doesnt seems that bad. It has a lot of facilities. There is this cafe and there is this demon lady is sitting there. She has fangs, is quite tall, she wore black leather jacket and jeans and she kinda looked ethnically chinese hahah but edgy. Anyway me and other convince her to fight with us as apparently if you fight the demon general you can get out of hell or something. So i decide to go with the demon lady cuz she said she needs to go get something. She goes to this tunnel place and jumps through a portal in the wall to the other side (probably earth). I try but my timing is bad so i dont get through. Someone else does. But i give up and go back and try and find the others. I look around go through these rooms some which look like hospital rooms, some like classrooms, i ask this lady who looked like my old teacher if she seen anyone like so and i describe it so vaguely she just laughs.i find the people im looking for anyway and i go with them to some library likeplace and talk with them. Then the demon lady comes back. And idk why i kiss her on the cheek i guess she was hawt lol and she looked embarrassed.and thats it i think really lol I dont really get what that dream meant or whatever lol.
  13. Apple jack haha I remember some toy line didnt include her. To be fair they kinda left out rarity too but ya
  14. Probs jus naruto but I dun remember where i got up to oof I did wanna start watching again but blegh I guess u could count pokemon but i dunno how many i watched or maybe doraemon those kinda ongoing shows.