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  1. flurry

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @Illiad Easle Bright Wing decided she would go get the sled as suggested "Ah, yeah good idea and hopefully you can focus then too." She smiled and then went to go get the Sled. The shed where the sled was stored wasn't too far from here, as it was placed out of town to store mostly outdoor items. She carried a key with her for it. After a bit of walking she was there. She trotted towards it, and unlocked the shed slowly. There were many different things stored in it including mountain gear, tennis rackets, an outdoor pool and equipment of all sorts. The sled
  2. flurry

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @Illiad Easle The last bits of snow were scooped up and piled up together. Bright looked up "Alright the snow is ready!" "Yeah I have a shed where I store all sorts of stuff and there is a sled of sorts. We can go get it later if you like."
  3. flurry

    Visual Art Practice dog adventure comic

    This is page 3 pizzaaa
  4. flurry

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @Illiad Easle "Ooh yes" She babbled. "I can collect up some snow for some sculptures. Then you can do your thing, it sounds like a great idea" she nodded. She wondered what sorts of things a deer would sculpt. She then added, "And sledding uses a sled which like a vehicle that slides across the snow or ice. Often they wooden or plastic but you can use anything similar even a box." "You can use it to slide down hills or get someone else to pull you along, which is sledding."
  5. flurry

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @Illiad Easle She got back into a more relaxed pose "Haha you did great." "And well" she replied "There's a lot you can do." "You can build things like structures or snow ponies. Or make snow angels in the ground and stomp around." "And if you have something that can be a sled you can do sledding." She hopped about in the snow "Do you wanna try something?" "Maybe something that is good for those hooves" she spoke as she remembered the size of them.
  6. flurry

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @Illiad Easle Bright wing was doing her best aim the snowball. "I nearly got you that time!" she exclaimed. She was trying to predict her moves in advance so that it would hit. However the speed of movement made it quite difficult with the lag between the throw and the hit, so she was finding it difficult, "Hmm."
  7. flurry

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @Illiad Easle Bright Wing looked up and smiled, that seemed like a good idea. "Sure, let's see if I can get a snowball to hit you, but I won't go too easy on you." "Let's see how quick you can be" she spoke as she got into a ready pose.
  8. flurry

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @Illiad Easle Bright Wing stepped forward slightly to get a bit nearer, so it was easier to talk. "Ahhh I see, but I'm sure you could try having a go, if you wanted" she spoke swiftly. "You want me to show you how?" "Rolling a snowball shouldn't be too difficult and throwing just takes a bit of practice I think."
  9. I dunno still use it on the older home laptop. I guess we just never upgraded really even tho the updates and all those security messages. And it works fine. All my other stuff is windows 10. Tbh windows stuff is getting more annoying these days the updates seem more pushy than before. As for game compatibility well after windows XP that's gone anyways for a lot of things even in compatibility mode lol have to resort to VMware or virtualbox (blegh windows 98 on that doesn't work very well).
  10. flurry

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @Illiad Easle "Hey you over there" she called out again to the Fawn at the edge of the forest. "Did you want come play?" She thought it might be fun to play with someone else so she asked as the Fawn looked quite interested. Realising the fawn might be scared she added "It's okay, don't worry it's just a bit of little snow. But if you wanted to you are welcome to come".
  11. I went and started the RP thread setting the scene hope it sounds okie @Califorum ye maybe, lemme know if you would be interested in joining in at some point and any ideas.
  12. flurry

    Open Winter Roleplay

    It was a chilly day in winter, snow covered the ground and the trees. Wearing a scarf to keep warm, Bright Wing the pegasus pony trotted along in the snow. As she reached the field with the hill she decided to stop for a while. It looked fun to play in the snow, so she picked up some snow with a hoof and made it into a snowball. She was about to throw it at a tree, when she noticed a fawn watching from the edge of the forest. "Hello there" she called out.
  13. Ahh I see yea it might be fun to have both then perhaps start with one and then add other two later. If that's good or whichever would work more smoothly. As for winter activities since the rp starts outdoors things like involving snow or ice might be good. But i'm open to improvisation and that or something more dramatic happening etc.
  14. Ahh sounds like a cute setting with the woods and all. I was considering using my peryton oc (Deer bird hybrid), though I have also a pony pegasus oc I could use if that works better with the setting and idea. Or we could multi oc but not sure how that works haha.
  15. Oof I feel like tense so I broke my work laptop cable I need another and idk if i will be able to work for next few days till i get one either by ordering or the IT get me another. And I just know my dad is gonna be like why you break it, you break almost every cable. Not my fault ya know they weak -.-
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