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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Happy birthday :squee:

    Have a good one! B)

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Just now realizing this probably could’ve been a blog, but I don’t know how to make one. Soo, what can you do when you live in a shoe, am I right? Just finished S6:E21 tho, But first of all, just gonna say that I’m still not sure what to think of Starlight glimmer, she’s definitely very powerful, maybe even close to twilight levels. But she’s reckless with her magic, and I understand twi was also sometimes reckless with her magic aswell, but not in the same way. Twi would, for example, use a come-to-life spell on a snow plough to try and help before the spell got out of hand. Sta
  5. @They call me Loyalty Are you speaking of Astral projection? Also, for the topic, I’ve been on here since I woke up, I’d better go do adult things before I get sidetracked again loll
  6. I’ve known the idiot since I was 5, I’m 20 now. We don’t hang out as much anymore cuz he has kids, but I’ll go out n have some beer n play some nazi zombies with him whenever we have the time haha
  7. @Fluttershutter, we have cone cells in our eyes which perceive colour. What makes something a colour is dependent on what your looking at. (Ie. Nature or artificial light) See, the reason leaves are green, for example, is because the leaf absorbs all other colours of light, but green. And a white car is white because it reflects all colour equally and a black car absorbs all colour equally (White= all the colours at once) (Black= Absence of colour) Water is blue because it absorbs all wavelengths better than blue, so the blue light reflects into our eyes, hitting our retinas and cone ce
  8. @Splashee You may be part of the 25% of the population that is at tetrachromat. Must be nice loll Butt for the rest of us, Unless if we grow more cone receptors in our eyes, it’s next to impossible to think of new colours. But I can remove a colour by telling you that brown is only dark orange. Think about it
  9. Wait, there’s books? I only read some of the comics years ago What are they called and when where they made? I’m always excited for more content
  10. Well I’m a fit male in my early 20s so the mortality rate is the lowest for people in my bracket. So I’m not overly concerned for myself, but it’s my parents and sisters kids that I worry about. Stupid, compromised immune systems haha
  11. Saskatchewan, Canada And also, @HeavenSunset, that’s hardcore as hell, I’m sorry to hear that, much respect
  12. I’m learning calculus right now, only because I love astronomy and you need to know physics for the heavy stuff, and you need to know calculus to know physics:b
  13. AK-47 and M1911, call me basic but those things will fire no matter what loll
  14. Butt anyway, just seen Las Pegasus for the first time, another cloud city I see. Although, It’s primarily made of a series of bridges and supports which support the buildings, rather than a mix of blue tinted marble, clouds, and cloudcrete (See S5 E25 @6:55 for a specific example of cloudcrete [Like concrete, but made out of clouds]) As that is what cloudsdale is primarily made of. Coupled with the Greek/ Roman style design of cloudsdale, this indicates that Las Pegasus is a much newer city in equestria, relatively speaking. Which does not come as a surprise to me as, if I’m not mistaken, clo
  15. Also, At least I’m not the only one haha
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