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  1. can't wait to see them in action! I would love to see the Zipp in a different color (smth less girly) but if it is meant to be... others are really cool and I think they will look better in complete animation - I mean trailer or...
  2. gosh these opinions are so accurate... this show had so much to show us more and we must to get a new generation - oh cmon... personally, I really liked the final and opening episodes. I really enjoyed the episodes going beyond these basic places where we get more adventure than lessons like you know... that's one about Spike when he tried to find out his own path or "Sleepless in Ponyville". Yeah they were really cool. Wonderbolts' Academy was epic and this one about Daring Doo when RD was trying to help her. The Movie the same - but when I watched it, I had an impression as if they had cut o
  3. I don't feel these new characters, the animation is really great but... ew I have strong impression like the characters from FiM were "more smth"... 6 stand out from the background so much and I can't tell it about new characters (maybe it wont?) btw Zipp looks like really awful (omg... these pink eyebrow ) - I'm a big fan of RD and I hope see her in new version. RD wasn't girly and candy, I guess that's the reason I liked her from first meet. I don't hate anything I'm very happy to see the new movie, but I like the old characters a lot more from visually side... the new seem to be background
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