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Status Updates posted by Starstream

  1. Would anyone be interested in a weekly Terraria (PSN versions) multiplayer thingy.

  2. Back and ready for action~!

  3. What does SOL mean?

    1. qqq


      Slice Of Life.

    2. Friendship_Cannon
    3. qqq


      Or Spanish

  4. I still have a 30 day free trial code for Playstation Plus that I can't use. Any suggestions as to what I could do with it?

    1. -Nobody-


      Give it to me. :P JK

      Hold a contest for it

    2. Starstream


      What kind of contest?

  5. Does anyone know where I can watch the Greek dub of FIM?

  6. Does anyone here play Soul sacrifice?

    1. Evilshy


      That sounds familiar...

    2. Starstream


      If you have a PS Vita and check the store frequently you've probably seen the demo at some point.


  7. Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Woke up this morning with 150 youtube subscribers. Thank you EQD!

  8. My heart just exploded... thrice...

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    2. Friendship_Cannon


      okie dokie lokie then :D

    3. Starstream


      Hugs for everypony~!


    4. Friendship_Cannon


      *hugs back* still, this friday eves without partying :c (attention: first world problem)

  9. Yay~ Bronycurious and Digibrony left positive comments on my video. *fluttersquee*

  10. any MH tri players up for a few hunts?

  11. Does Celestia ever directly refer to the element of magic as "element of friendship"?

  12. Any MH tri players out there?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. StormzInvader


      Awesome, we can play. However, not until 4 weeks from now. I'm away from my house for a month. :P

    3. Starstream


      Aaiye, the servers are going down tomorrow.

    4. StormzInvader


      XD Oh well, never mind. :P

  13. I'm sorry, but I have to ask... Are you actively avoiding talking to me?

    1. zDashiez


      Um, no? You just havent been online to talk to.

  14. Hai-hai AnY, you probably don't remember me but I'm one of those people who occasionally bothers you with random questions on Youtube. How's it going?

    1. TheAnYPony


      (checking Youtube Profile) I see ^^

      Yeah, remember you - btw: wanted to reply to your PM anyways :D

      The link haven't shown me the comic sadly - that page probably changes rather frequently... :(


    2. Starstream


      What an odd design choice for an image browsing website. Nevertheless, here's the image.


  15. How old is Granny Smith?

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    2. Leafeon
    3. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations



      You can deduct this from the position of her cutie mark combined with the estimated life span of Ponies.

    4. Starstream


      Ah! Such delicious, hard, undeniable science.

  16. So what are everyone's thoughts on "Tomoudachi wa mahou"?

  17. WOW! My mom is REAAAALLY slow. *facepalm*

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    2. Starstream


      My mom was just watching the news and she walks up to, she states: "Apparently there's all these teen and adult guys who watch and love My little pony!"


      I watch her, close all the windows on the pc and show her my desktop (Rarity desktop image), asking: "Have you not paid attention to anything I've done over the past one and a half years?"


      I then proceed to show her all my drawings (some of which clop) and she silently walks away again.

    3. Starstream


      The funny thing is, I was going to say that I can't really blame my mom for not knowing, when I realized she has seen me with an MLP magazine, I showed her the Fluttershy statuette I got for my birthday, she once caught me clopping, and I have once openly asked her "Wanna watch an episode or two of My little pony together?"

    4. Silver Boulder

      Silver Boulder

      haha xD it happens I guess

  18. Looking for PSN bronies.

  19. Someone requested that I'd supply a character for her fanfic, then she blew the request off after I finished, now I'm left with a character with a non-canon abilty... not sure what to do with him...

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    2. Starstream


      I'll tell you later today over Skype.

    3. zDashiez


      how long is later?

    4. Starstream


      ... Good question... how about now?

  20. Looking for people to play Sega all stars: Transformed with. (Vita version)

  21. Is there any way to manually get to the mobile version of this website?

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    2. Starstream



      OH MY GOD! It was that simple? Thank's mate~ (^.^)

    3. Vicke


      You're welcome ^^

    4. Count Paradox

      Count Paradox

      ... why didn't i see that before? i feel dumb...

  22. Just found MLP merch in my school... There's a brony here somewhere... What should I do to sniff him/her out?

    1. zDashiez


      put a mlp figurine under a box and stick with string attached.

      when they crawl under the box, yank the stick out.

      There, you've caught yourself a brony.


    2. Starstream




      Now excuse me, for I must search for a human-sized box~