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  1. You made this work very well! I like the combination of synths you used, it really brings together that harmony, it made alot of sense :] Brohoof!*
  2. Mnam493Ptremna09Opkjungdle
  3. Thanks! I agree with you strongly and tbh the overall intro could of sounded better, you should check out my my newer songs! since this was the first on the channel Thanks, I'm glad you think that Ty! Brohoof! Yeah I too think it's the vocal too, it does sound a bit off, glad you like it though!
  4. Really sucks that you're leaving, if you ever come back you know where to find me but it's your choice and I won't go against it.
  5. Not bad I personally think it has a nice touch to it, good job with the effort and keep up the good work!
  6. Prof. Deilington
  7. It's fine I had this up on media fire but didn't put the link up, stupid huh? Anyways it's up now.
  8. Many thanks ^^ Also if you listen carefully there is mild reverb on the vocals, apart from one vocal that is delayed instead, but I get what you mean
  9. Thanks! I was gonna have the ending dnb at one point but I thought meh, why not lol, also I did have another kick set up for this but it sounded ok on my bass-y sound system but maybe I should of tried it without much bass to get it a bit more specific hehe. Thanks Download link is now in description.
  10. I couldn't stop laughing at the "I could clop to that with both hands behind my back" vocal, I mean seriously I don't know how it's gonna be possible, but I don't wanna know! but funny little song you got here either way
  11. Really nice instrumental, your vocals go nicely with it, keep up the good work! Looking forward to your other 2 unfinished songs too
  12. Thanks! but if your serious about music then you should do some practice with fl studio, I use nothing but fruity loops, it does what I want it to do and that's fine with me I'm happy about your ears being happy ^^ I would hate to upset your ears!
  13. Yes numerous plugins actually, I Used NI massive primarely for the bassline, and alot of the synth was done in nexus, then all the little filter plugins to tighten it up with
  14. I'm glad you thought so hehe! If your into drum n' bass I'm uploading a fluttershy themed one as we speak, so check out my youtube channel, or the forum post, which I will be making shortly ^^