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  1. 23,000 members? Dang this site has come a long way since I was here. Good for you guys.

  2. Well I've never seen this topic before. Then again I've not been on this forum in like a year, so... (last time I was here the char minimum was 100. Hmf) Anyway, yes, I thought that strange as well.
  3. Seriously guise, going thought all my old stuff on here is bringing me to tears. makes me feel like the 8 days i've spent here really were worthwhile. Not even sure if anyone here even remembers me anymore...

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    2. Derpy Dash

      Derpy Dash

      This place sure has changed a lot. It's been well over a year since I was active on here.

      Back in ye olde times. When there was no Alicorn Twi drama or anything like that. Everything was happy. Then the dark times came. The evil Hitler dictator moderators came to power. Posts containing opinions were being removed left and right, there was even a... 100 character minimum! (Gasp) Then there was the Great Migration, were probably half the people I knew, including myself, fled thes...

    3. Derpy Dash

      Derpy Dash

      these forum, and have been drifting from place to place ever since.

      Upon my return, I expected to see the smoldering remains of a place consumed by hate, but instead find that what I left as a small little pony forum has bloomed into a hangout of friendship and magic.


      what am i even saying

    4. Sunlight


      I don't know... xD

  4. Ah this place. It's been so long. Everything has changed.

  5. In my time here in the fandom, I've read maybe 3 fanfics. This was one of them. I absolutely love it. If you can get past the whole human meets pony thing, you will find this fic very enjoyable. I'm not really that into this type of literature myself, but the way the author is able to carry out conversations so smoothly is just wonderful. If you read it, and like it, there are 3 other parts to it, with the last one unfinished (for now) Thanks for your time, I really feel like this fic deserves more attention than it gets.
  6. If one of you artsy peoples on here could draw me a picture of Derpy holding a Black Ops II combat knife in her mouth, that'd be swell. <3

  7. To any singers on here: I'm in the process of making a song and need someone to sing. If anyone is interested please send me a PM, add me on skype: nicholas_jackson97, or email Thanks

    1. Fender


      Just need a reply to my PM.

  8. Season 3 is just too much win

  9. Literally done nothing but watch Doctor Who the last 24 hours. My eyes are killing me.

    1. Homura Akemi
    2. Dragonshy


      Welcome to the Doctor Who rush. You will want to watch the next episode constantly and find yourself wanting to cry with joy. Resistance is futile.

  10. Thanks, it's got quite a ring to it if you ask me :3. What do you think of the song? I'm new to this kind of music so I could use any criticism, good or bad.
  11. Can someone please tell me exactly what genre of music this is? I don't want to call it dubstep, and I don't think it's techno either. Also, this is the first attempt of mine at this kind of music, so don't be surprised if it isn't all that spectacular :/
  12. My friends and I are already planning an all-nighter for the premier of Season 3 :3

  13. I am slowly losing my brony drive. Season 3, please hurry...

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    2. ~Lawful Jordo~

      ~Lawful Jordo~

      HANG IN THERE MY FRIEND! November!

    3. Derpy Dash

      Derpy Dash

      acutally... nvm. There is no way on earth or equestria I could ever not love this stuff. <3

    4. ~Lawful Jordo~
  14. I believe that the release has been pushed back to Spring 2013, but the project is still underway. I'll post any updates I get here in the future
  15. hey.. what happened to my 3 day weekend? :(

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    2. HunterTSN


      it is? i need to check my schedule

    3. Derpy Dash

      Derpy Dash

      It is for me because we have a teacher in-service next friday. Only for our county :P

    4. HunterTSN