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  1. I think they will be some mix of g3 (not g3.5 , that is horrible) and g4. They will be little bit bigger with personality of g4. And other possibility is that they will be anime...
  2. So, I'm just curious. What do you think, how would generation 5 ponies look like? If you want to, you can designe your g5 ponies! That would be fun!
  3. OH my Gosh!! These are amaizing!! Mow I got idea for my nails! Hahaha, just kidding But these are simpley amaizing! And yes, welcome to mlp forum!
  4. Cute!! I love her fluffy mane, it's so sweet! She looks like candy, I want to eat her!! Haha, just kidding!
  5. Oh my gosh, she is realy prrety. I love to see - from filly to grown up! It wloud be fun if you made time lapse!
  6. Hey! ^^Brohoof! /) Love your art!! :D :D

  7. Hey, I have xbox to, xbox kinect 360. Right now I have only my personal friends and I'm not planning to add anyone else Ok, so bye! Brohoof! /)
  8. Hannah77


    Welcome to forum! Hope you will have some great time here! I'm new here myself so.... And, yes, of course, brohoof! /)* And yes, nice OC! :D yay - Ponies! ;D
  9. Hannah77

    Pony Art

    Thanks for tips, thoes one for eyes, I've allredy saw! And, thanks for legs too! Tomorrow, I will try to do better version. I'm great at drawing original ponies (just like in show, but as I said, I was trying to do something elese )
  10. Hannah77

    Pony Art

    Grrr... I hate this pic... Legs, face, eyes and ass are horrible, I was just trying to do something, but I'm not happy with result... Also, I was wanted to ask you guys, what do you think about that?
  11. Yeah, I see, you guys are great. I'm so glade that I finnaly found some real MLP forum! Brohoof /)* Ahh.... I can't wait for season 3, I think that it is going to be awesome!! Thank you! And about pegasisters, all these time I thought that there were all these bronies... I have finnaly find place where are some pegasisters!
  12. Thank you for advice! And thank you for welcome song! Thanks for warm welcome to forum, too! Brohoof, too! /)* Can't wait for season 3!
  13. Uhmm, Brohoof? xD

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    2. thegoodhen


      O_o I thought you were asking for a brohoof... HERE YA GO! /)

    3. Hannah77


      Yeah, you too! (\

    4. Aerial~Shot
  14. Yeah, thanks, I just realized that moment ago. And, I thanks for saying that my art is prrety! I realy appreciated that! Oh, yes, and brohof! /)*