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  1. TheLoneyPony

    S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

    Correction. I just read that this whole Princess Coronation thing is a 3-parter. So I guess the start of Season 4 will be centric around Twilight. If Part 2 and 3 are not rushed like Part 1 I'll be pretty happy.
  2. TheLoneyPony

    S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

    (In short, "Magical Mystery Cure" is missed opportunity, and a massive disappointment) Now a look at why "Magical Mystery Cure" has disappointed me. After finally watching the episode I must say I am massively disappointment with this episode. It needed to be at least 2 parts long and the writers didn't emphasis the whole "Switched Cutie Marks" concept, as much as I would of liked. It felt rushed and almost out of place. I was hoping that Ponyville would over time get run down, like the early screenshots for the episode seemed to imply [see bottom of post]. Don't get me wrong, Apple Jacks farm did get run down in the final episode, as with Rarity's Boutique, but it seemed they got rundown quite literally overnight, and is only briefly shown. Once Twilight found a cure shortly after she first discovered her mistake all was good again. There was no big test like in "The Return of Harmony" that strained the ponies friendship, and in general it was a very underwhelming finale. This is very sad compared to the quality of Season 2's ending. The episode had its moments, like some good songs and when Twilight becomes a Princess, but the episode is so rushed that those moments didn't deliver the punch they should of. Dark Qiviut sums all this up perfectly.
  3. TheLoneyPony

    S03:E09 - Spike at your Service

    I agree with Chrisinden and StainedVenom, Spike was very out of character. Spike is Twilights little helper, but suspiciously he can't do crap when it comes to helping AJ?? Unusual.
  4. TheLoneyPony

    Your weirdest dreams and nightmares

    That's just downright unusual? Flying, sacrifices? What the hell did you do before you went to bed? Watch a comedy movie? Lol. I definitely got a chuckle out of it though
  5. TheLoneyPony

    Your weirdest dreams and nightmares

    When I was about 5 I used to constantly have a dream about a wizard, this wizard was called the "Tickler." Don, don, dooooon!!!! When he was near, I would act dead while he... tickled me? Stupid right? Then again I was only 5 or 6. Suspiciously enough, the wizard stuff he wore looked very similar to Twilight's' Nightmare Night costume
  6. TheLoneyPony

    Do you dislike your first name?

    My name is Joshua. I don't like people calling me Joshua though. I prefer to be called Josh. Good thing all my friends and family call me Josh naturally, I can't stand been called Joshua. It just doesn't sound cool. On the plus side its not as common as Michael or Sam etc.
  7. TheLoneyPony

    This is why I love the voice actors.

    It took 2 days to watch the whole video (Me and my 2 brothers are closet bronies, our parents don't know we watch MLP) I now have a greater respect for the Voice Actors. They have affected peoples lives, me included. I used to have bad depression problems, but after I got into MLP a few months ago I was happier person.
  8. TheLoneyPony

    What's your pet peeve?

    This may sound a little weird but I HATE the sound of a semi-blunt or blunt pencil sound on paper. I can't stand it!! That's why I have to have my pencil real sharp, so it doesn't make that noise.
  9. TheLoneyPony

    hi i'm new to this

    Hi there and welcome to this awesome site! If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  10. TheLoneyPony

    What were you scared of as a child?

    Damn, I still do that. I used to think strange monsters and skeletons we're walking around our house. At this age though I have new fears. In our old house my room was at the real end of a long hallway, the toilet was at the other, and just before the toilet is a decent sized room where the front door was. At night, when I needed to go toilet, I always feared that a Demon or some kind of supernatural being was standing there waiting for me. I always looked over there in anticipation for a fright. That lasted the whole time I was in that house. Man I'm such a wimp I still fear that some supernatural being is lurking in our house. I also feel like I'm been watched while I'm trying to get to sleep, since I can remember I sleep with the sheets right over my head. I know nothing is out there but I still freak out as if something is stalking me. I did the same thing, I still do it but its more of a habit then out of fear.
  11. TheLoneyPony

    Do you ever try to escape reality? And how?

    Hmm, I do get some very bad depression some times and I have thought about what happened if I we're to just disappear. Although, if it weren't for one of my cousins I would of gone absolutely mad, he is my only friend. As it turns out just recently he was thinking of taking his own life, he even wrote a suicide note! If he had done that I would of absolutely lost it. My escapism is in the form of music, and gaming. FiM had massively helped my depression problem, I still get serious depression but nowhere near as often.
  12. TheLoneyPony

    Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    Kids movies, kids movies and more kids movies We need action, we need Spaceballs!! Ha ha, lol. I'd be awesome if there was a separate movie threads that take requests like Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, and just some good action movies. Oh well, everyone is different
  13. TheLoneyPony

    Gaming Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    Received my copy of Black Ops II this morning. Its pretty sick, entertaining campaign thus far, zombies is best its ever been, and multiplayer is a massive step up from MW3! I'm satisfied
  14. TheLoneyPony

    S03:E01+02 - The Crystal Empire

    Watched it today, it was pretty epic. But the villan was quite weak, what were his motivations? Why is he evil? etc etc etc. Still an awesome episode!
  15. TheLoneyPony

    Elements of Disharmony? (Possible Spoilers)

    If there are Elements of Disharmony and some ponies (Or non ponies) to be the Mane 6s opposites that would be awesome!!! I guess we'll just have to wait and see.