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  1. Well, I think It would be The Rake. Why? He is a creepy character with dangerous claws and weird behavior, he likes to go inside a house, whisper to the adults while they dream and then kill their children. I can see Applebloom shaking while Rainbow Dash tells this story lol but yeah, the Rake attacks mostly on rural locations or lonely houses. Imagine this monster entering the Sweet Apple Acres, it would be horrifying. However, I would choose Candle Cove or the Smile Dog, those creepypastas scared the living shit out of me. Especially the goddamn dog, I can't even look at his picture (no
  2. Rarity of course. So much style! It's very unique, and I like the color too. And... omg, I'm trying to reach 100 characters while writing this. Done!
  3. Thank you Star Scribe! The episode with the biohazard masks is The Cutie Pox, where Applebloom tries to get her cutie mark by cheating. It's from Season 2.
  4. Hi! I made a new pmv using this amazing song that I like so much. I've seen some PMVs featuring this song, but I think its lyrics demand more! And the show has enough scary/creepy stuff lol I hope you enjoy it! /)
  5. I stopped buying Capcom stuff a couple of years ago. I don't regret, they deserve what its happening to them. They handled everything wrong; they used to be one of the best and most respectful companies, but those times have passed.
  6. Hi everyone! Yesterday I made this PMV using Mareilyn Maneson's (lol) song "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell". I like that song so much, so I just spent two hours making this. I hope you like it! /)
  7. Sorry to bump this but WOAH I'm from Trelew, and I didn't knew any of this. How could I...? I need to see this and take pics ^^ I'll be there soon, so I would really like to see this stuff live.
  8. A crow for Luna, to fly across the land and keep her up with the news. Like norse mythology lol As for Chrysalis, I think she would have a giant snake, or a monstrous alligator. Something like that.
  9. I think they need to use more supernatural stuff. And the mane six should travel to the human world. We need a new villain, of course. And the movie should feature a zombie apocalypse.
  10. The CMC, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Granny Smith, Photo Finish, Vinyl Scratch, Trixie, Cheerilee, Big Mac and I think I saw Octavia, but I'm not sure.
  11. I can see the ponies allying themselves with the Changelings, Discord himself, the griffons, and their human counterparts, along with some alien races. And maybe they can win! But at a high cost.
  12. I was expecting something trashy according to some reviews, but I find a very enjoyable film with a lot of amusing moments. I liked the characters, the acting, the references, the moment where all hell breaks loose, the humor... I really enjoyed it.
  13. WARNING SPOILERS Well, I enjoyed the movie. After reading some reviews I was expecting something truly dissapointing, but It wasn't that bad. The story has lots of stereotypes, but at least they didn't go with the romance as the main plot. I liked the fact that Twilight was focused on her objective. The characters were fine. I was expecting more from the villain, but the human counterparts of the mane six were great. I really liked them. The only character I felt indiferent was Flash Sentry because he adds very little to the main story. There were very funny moments like the on
  14. Well, it could be amazing for some grimdarks to become canon and give some horror atmosphere to the series. That would be a positive thing.
  15. So much ignorance. It's like all those "Doom fans are serial killers", "Marilyn Manson fans are satanists"... stereotypes that should be erased from society. Everyone is able to like whatever they want if it doesn't hurt anybody. Simple as that.
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