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  • Guardian Dreamer

    Guardian Dreamer

    • Age: 19

      Gender: Male

      Species: Pegasus

      Appearance: Guardian Dreamer is a colt with a mare-ish muzzle.

      Cutie Mark: Shield-shaped Constellation. It means protecting from any danger.

      Personality: Ingenuous, Loyal, Adventurous

      Backstory: Backstory:<br /><br />Guardian Dreamer was a warrior back when Equestria was on the verge of being ruled by Discord and about to be brought into an age of chaos. Many of the ponies tried to stop Discord, but most of them had been a tragic end. He was one of those victims.<br /><br />Guardian Dreamer was wounded and fell off Crystal Mountain, but was frozen in time along with the rest of the Crystal Empire. He stayed this way for 1000 years before being returned to normal. During this age, Discord was reformed, but the effects of his magic still remained. Guardian Dreamer has fully recovered, but cannot go back to his original time and must adapt to the current one.<br /><br />Events from that time:<br /><br />When Guardian Dreamer woke up, he was still in the same bad condition that he was in when he was frozen in the first place. However, he was saved from his predicament by the Crystal ponies. After being treated, he was told what had happened, how it was suddenly 1,000 years in the future for him. At first, he had difficulty grasping how long he had been frozen for and how most everything he knew disappeared into history. He felt initially resentful, although Princess Celestia helped him calm down, as well as helping him rehabilitate. Guardian Dreamer was a solider in his time, so he was assigned to be a guard, which he was rather good at doing.<br /><br />After a week or so, he began feeling the weight of isolation bearing down on him. He felt so out of place in this time, he found it difficult to relate to his peers. Princess Celestia became aware of this and suggested that he stay a while at Ponyville to unwind and perhaps meet some more cheery citizens there. He reluctantly agreed to give it a shot. At first, it didn't appear to be any better, or maybe it was even worse. At least in Canterlot he could be a guard, but such security was not in demand in the quaint town of Ponyville. Sure the ponies were more open and friendly, but it sort of made him nervous at the same time and he avoided them when he could. For a while, he spent most of his time trying to figure out a way to support himself and spend his time that didn't involve talking to other ponies.<br /><br />No matter how hard he tried, he could not find anything substantial to do, leaving him with two choices: go back to Canterlot or try getting help from another pony. Conscious about disappointing Princess Celestia with his lack of progress, he chose to take a risk and talk to somepony. Once he mustered the courage to ask, he found the whole process coming along very smoothly. The ponies he spoke with had no trouble finding something productive for somepony of his abilities to do and they treated him with remarkable hospitality. They gave him all sorts of odd jobs, such as helping clear up the weather or applebucking. Still, this was the first taste of friendship Guardian Dreamer felt in over 1,000 years and he realized that he thoroughly was enjoying it. He began to open himself to those around him, a process that became easier and more natural with each repetition. Eventually, he decided to throw a party for Ponyville, as a means of thanking them for the way they treated him.<br /><br />The events of 1,000 years ago and the empty space in between still dwell in his thoughts often. He frequents the library of Ponyville to browse the books in hopes of finding clues that would lead him to the truth of his past. He never got to see the end of the war that he took place in a millennia ago and he wanted to see how history concluded that chapter in his life and possibly whether or not his contributions were ever acknowledged. He probably has gotten half way through all of the books there, not even including the books that are in the Canterlot library. He still has much to learn about himself and about friendship, but he is coming along very reasonably.

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    I bet trying to understand how Discord is "suddenly" reformed is difficult. ;) Nice backstory

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