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Hello everypony


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How did you find MLP Forums?: Google

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I saw a video about bronies and became curious, started watching the show to see how it is, and fell in love

Hi there, my name is Caru, I'm very new to this whole forum thing, and I'm also incredibly shy. I hope to become more comfortable talking to people, and hopefully make a lot of good friends here!


What else...I live in Australia and love the heat, but have to move to England soon where it will be freezing! I have the most amazing girlfriend that lives over there, and I plan to visit and propose next February.


Although I'm shy, I love a good conversation, and can be a great listener! I hope that I get to meet heaps of great people, I'm sure I will!


Thanks everypony for reading  :muffins:

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Welcome to the forums! ooBrony is a pretty awesome pony by the way, don't let them fool you. And good luck with your proposal! And I read in another thread you were a D&D player, will you be roleplaying on the forums? (P.S. I also play D&D)

Thanks! I'm not to sure if I'm going to roleplay on the forums, I might give it a go, but for now I'm just trying to work out my local D&D group. I'm sure roleplaying here is heaps of fun!

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