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A Billionare has as much in common with a Millionare as

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a Millionare has in common with the typical person of the age with only a thousand dollars in assets... Lets think of that state.


Lets say he drives a beat up 15 year old car worth about $500(including the gas in the tank), has $200 worth of clothing, $200 in one months rent pre-paid in a bad apartment in a dangerous area, and $100 in miscellaneous with nothing in the bank at all working paycheck to paycheck.


The above compares to a millionare as a millionare compares to a billionare.


They are not alike in any way whatsoever.

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Well no duh! I wrote a really long post about something similar to this a long while back. Anyway...


If I was a Millionaire, I wouldn't change my lifestyle much in any way. I'd just buy a little house outside the city, and use my money to live a safe, comfortable life. I'd sit on my wealth and use that to only work a part-time job, and in turn spend more time on hobbies and family.


If I was a Billionaire, I'd be living the complete opposite life. I'd use all of it to fund ambitious projects like Elon Musk. Regulus Space Industries, here we come!

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