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Those poor abandoned roleplays

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Where's the story? Here I am, all waiting and stuff for folks to get to a point where I can post again... and NOTHING! What gives?



Well ...I sort of...kind of...gave up after my Co-DM left and others ceased being active in the forums altogether.

And..? Why would that stop you? You've got an awesome idea here, and folks who are genuinely interested - even if it's just ME! Heck, I'm sure there's others... *looks at the post reader, i.e. YOU* hey, gorgeous! You think this idea's a neat one, right? Well SAY something, why don'cha? Vulcan needs a few cheerleaders, so why not? Anyone wanna toss in their two cents on this?



these things happen -__- *shrugs shoulders*

*the eye in my avatar twitches* No sir - they do not! Not unless you allow them to happen! Here - allow me to explain this with a commercial:







You've seen them all over the Forums.

Worn down to the quick, broken and bleeding in the gutter, their eyes chips of dead stars that haunt the mind with wasted potential and dreams that never came to be...

Dead RP Threads.

It's a tragedy that occurs on a regular basis: RPs abandoned because nobody responded.

Nobody tried.

No one cared enough to tap a few keys.

Nobody pushed the envelope hard enough.

Interest declined... and it's really sad because ultimately, the ones who suffer the most are the poor threads themselves.

No attention, save for a passing interest by lurkers.

No affection, except mayhaps as one of those "I remember that one" thoughts, once in a while.

No hope of ever interacting with the world again, due to the heavy steel lock around their neck, their own sign of damnation from the Mods Above.



... but, it doesn't HAVE to be this way.

We here at MLP Forums believe that we can SAVE these sweet little scraps of potential. We like to try to work HARD at making sure that RPs are properly cared for and tended to - as they should be. Remember, ideas our essentially our BRAIN CHILDREN...

Would YOU give up on YOUR children so easily?

For the smallest of donations, you can show these RPs that they truly MEAN something.

For just one post a day, you can help to feed hungry RPs that wouldn't be able to survive without someone like you to show them the generosity a single forum member can provide.

One post a day.


Is it really too much to ask?




-This message brought to you by your local RP supporter-










{DISCLAIMER: All said good-naturedly, of course. I love ya, Vulcan; you know I'm just trying to motivate you, I hope.}

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