Lovely Days at the PArc

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Hello everyone! I'll be short and sweet with this topic.


I'm thinking of recording a YouTube series called "Lovely Days at the PArc" after the server updates. For a pre-episode, I'd like to answer questions from this community aimed to me before my big debut, showcasing select 1.8 builds in the background. If anyone has a question they'd like to ask, please put a reply to this topic and it might be on the video (exciting!).


Thank you all for reading,

Ian Enderbrah


P.S. My channel can be found at

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Well I for one would like to see this, it sounds like a fun series to watch.

I love hearing stories, so I'll ask this: What brought you to this server, and what keeps you here?

Also, Since you say that this is a sort of pre-episode, what will the content of future episodes be?

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Thanks Backflip! That question will definitely get answered. I'm still taking more questions though :D

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