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My first SFM scenes

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When my OC has been created on SFM, I've been so happy that I began creating ponies on SFM for others and making artworks. It was a trigger and it's why I began to be really active on this website

My first artworks were created at least 2~3 month ago and it's all about my OC, Blues!

(Blues was originally a male, but, my favorite mask is female only and I don't like the muzzle, so I created a female one and stick with it.)


my first one was this one, the facial expressions were bugged, the mouth and the eyes control were inverted.


But, I saw a mask for males, so, I created an another one!


But, the mask is bad and not what I'm looking into, so ,I re-created the scene and make it better


And then, I created the OC of Red Winter, a Russian friend, and make an artwork. You can see my finished OC with the legs gradient colors


Here you go! I hope you enjoy my first SFM and the little story of a SFM artist and its OC!

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