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  1. Never I've been so angry at microsoft before.

    I just got a laptop and the amount of shit they throw at you is astronomically incredible.

    Hey look! Mode S! You can't install ANYTHING that isn't microsoft! you must connect to our service so you can remove it and we can add more stuff behind lol!

    BUT WAIT! in order to connect, you must give us your phone number in order to know if it's really you! Now that you don't have mode S anymore, HERE'S MORE SHIT!

    What? You don't want skype, netflix, maps, solitaire, office, xbox, xbox live, edge, bloc notes, McAfee and dropbox? WELL SCREW YOU!

    oh, and more ads in your registered phone to top it all off.

    1. Rikifive


      Yeah the ads and marketing in general is complete garbage nowadays.

      However I have Windows and I never had to deal with any of this. I don't have these sneaky software. I purchased the BOX license though, separately. Preinstalled OEM's tend to be filled with garbage and actually I'm not sure who exactly is to blame for plugging crap in the preinstalled systems - microsoft, retailer or the manufacturers of the particular devices.

      Anyway holy balls, I'm sick of this entire marketing as well. Whenever you want to do/buy something, you have to be careful and read crappy walls of text to make sure you're not signing up for some sneaky utter crap. The way it all functions now sometimes makes we want to blow up few companies. :awwthanks:

  2. Are people more annoying, or am I becoming angrier?


  3. I can't read, sorry for the previous post. But now, a rarity emote I've made. A rarity's face from s09e19, a judging face again, here's (a close up) original and the 320x320 which is better than the pile of pixels above.
  4. I made an another! meet angry trixie! Original and 640x640 emote because it's better than just the pixels above
  5. I got so hyped while playing TF2, It's like I was sniffing glue.

    Also this:


    1. Anti-Villain
    2. EpicEnergy


      Someone needs to help that pony out! :ooh:

  6. I've made one in 20 minutes based on this rarity face from the comics:
  7. I'll have to say "Team Fortress 2", I have 4,300 hours on it. I love it so much, it feels like I learn the code of the source engine in order to do multiple tricks that the devs didn't even knew was possible! I've mastered the art of rocket jumps, trimping, strafes, sliding on ramps and knowing what weapon to use and how much I and the enemy can deal in order to win fights. UNTIL THE RANDOM CRITICAL HITS.
  8. Rick Rolls are outdated and the Spanish inquisition is expected, the truly unexpected is


    1. Anti-Villain



      Rick Rolls are outdated

      They're still effective in smaller doses, though.

    2. Sonic Shimmer

      Sonic Shimmer

      Dude... why.

  9. I like it, a good little time waster. Here's my friend ID thingy if you want: 2H2239GV3Y7D
  10. Why does sleep not work. Why... Has I ever?



  11. "I didn't kill anyone, better destroy half of the yakuza family to go back to being a yakuza" TWICE!
  12. Yes, because it showed that I've succeeded in making good enough characters in a point of being important in someone else's life.
  13. I got my imagination is always is motion, but I'm enable to create it. when I drawing it, I see how bad I am and gave up. when I make a scene on SFM, I see how bad it is end just rush it/gave up. So, it just stays in my head, creating more little stories every night.
  14. A guy in a wheelchair just stole my camouflage jacket.

    You can hide, but you can't run.