Origins of the Umbra theory

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I was given permission by stevetwisp on Tumblr to post his headcanon. The thoughts in this post are not my own. I am not claiming them as my own.


galaxy originally stayed in the mountains with the other twinkle eye ponies,
she was one of the oldest and felt the responsibility of keeping her ponies safe from danger from then on

during the beginning of the twinkle eye ponies semi-nomadic life in the mountains, fizzy seemed dissatisfied and unable to make connections with the other ponies, still grappling with their freedom after years of imprisonment
galaxy trusted her with the task to find a safer home for their ponies and off fizzy went with a small group to search for better lands

galaxy was one of the youngest ponies in their village to get her cutie mark, she awake one night and gazed up into the stars and has a vision of the future
she woke up the next morning with her cutie mark, and shortly after the Jewel Wizard attacked their people
galaxy, and most ponies her age, lost their families during their imprisonment and it was up to galaxy to rise to the task of leader and protector of themselves
though unicorn magic was fairly scarce back then, galaxy had a few tricks that she was able to learn like; conjuring heat and light for the other ponies, including an ability to see into the future
her right hoof was another twinkle eye pony named Locket, a pegasus with a warm heartLocket kept spirits high and was said to have a heart so big, it kept the ponies safe and loved during their darkest moments
now free, they travel down into Ponyland at Fizzy’s invitation and for many years live peacefully among the valley
although living in the valley has opened up the twinkle eye’s ponies hearts to magic, the chaos brought by the smooze is too much and some of the twinkle eye ponies decide to leave the valley and head into the mountains once again

galaxy, locket, gingerbread, fizzy and some others decide to stay behind and help the little ponies to rebuild Paradise into an estate, something smaller, but something sturdier
the kingdoms of ponyland begin to emerge, the twinkle ponies build a small kingdom in the mountains and the flutter ponies come from far beyond the forests but together for the first time the kingdoms live in harmony

years pass, the ponies get older, wiser but darkness lurks on the horizon
galaxy wakes every night to a terrible nightmare, one she thinks is memory, but in reality is a vision of the future

the Jewel Wizard returns, he starts with the twinkle eye ponies of the mountains and begins to destroy and imprison everywhere he goes

he is no longer just a man with access to magic, he has now given himself to a dark power and he is becoming consumed
the ponies go to war, though this kind of darkness is something they have never experienced before

they are unskilled for battle and there isn’t enough of them to hold off the monsters that the Jewel Wizard has unleashed
every creature they have ever befriended turns on them, the magic of ponyland has become corrupted 

galaxy proposes that magic can be used to stop the Jewel Wizard, they just need more of it

she and locket, along with some other twinkle eye ponies venture deep into the old mines of the Jewel Wizard and find his old destroyed throne, still pulsing with magic
they bring the throne back to the twinkle eye ponies’ kingdom and begin to fashion a conduit for their magic, a Crystal Heart, something that will reflect the magic of the ponies to make them more powerful
they lure the Jewel Wizard into their kingdom for a showdown and with their new weapon, the Crystal Heart, the little ponies are able to hold their own against an army of monsters
but it’s just not enough to put the Jewel Wizard down for good, galaxy decides to give the Crystal Heart the rest of her magic, sacrificing herself for the twinkle eye ponies
and before she does, locket motions to help her
locket and galaxy give up their magic for the Crystal Heart and immediately the ponies have enough magic to purge all of Ponyland of the corrupted magic
and turning the Jewel King and his disciples into pure darkness, to be imprisoned under the twinkle eye ponies’ kingdom forever as the Umbra.

with the Crystal Heart in place, this new found power turns the twinkle eye ponies into crystal ponies and they decide to dub their kingdom the Crystal Kingdom

that night they hold a vigil for galaxy and locket at the crystal heart to remember the sacrifice their friends had made
and in their moment of grief a shining light gleams out of the crystal heart and a small crystal alicorn appears before them,
she would later be named ‘Princess Amore’ 

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18 minutes ago, A.V. said:

Anytime your name relates to space (e.g., "galaxy") = win.

g1 has a lot of spacey-themed ponies (Galaxy is actually one of my faves)

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