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I feel that because I am part of this community I should have an OC/icon. I've never drawn a pony before and I haven't done digital art in years but here you go.


Posted Image


This mare doesn't have a name or a story but she's blind in one eye and her cutie mark is a needle and thread. Eyup. Should I give her a name? I don't even know how to go about that.

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Name idea, Thread Weaver, She looks great but a name would be hard. But it always is....


That's done great art btw, digital suits you well my friend.


I really don't know how people do it. I may just call her Mubbins but that's not even a word. And thank you! I've been focusing on traditional art for the past couple years but I used to do digitial all the time.


Good job.





Thank you thank you. c:


I love it!!

Did you use photoshop to colour? ;)

Looks great :D~


Thanks! I use Paint.NET for coloring.
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Looks awesome! love it! :D good job


Gracias thank you.


I'm thinking I'll call her Bobbin. Eyelet is another option. Something sewing/fabric related.

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Ponies are really fun to draw! I've decided to name her Bobbin. :3


Posted Image


I have a design for a dress like this, so I thought I'd ponify it.

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