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  1. I'm going to keep this in a word document for many years to come, my friend
  2. I quite like how i was emailed this which is one of the only ways to bring me back onsite. You trying to tell me something feldy?
  3. 1. Favorite Charter:Finn 2. Favorite Episode: Slumber party panic 3. Why do you like Adventure Time?: I love it for the plot actually, the storyline and the way they go about telling it
  4. Only 4000 notifications? i am dissappoint

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    2. Modphase


      pics or it didn't happen

    3. Prince Lightning Da Cute

      Prince Lightning Da Cute

      ;~; i wish you told me that before i checked them all... and Macro, I have been around the universe and back and i wish to tell you all about it

    4. null123456


      Well, welcome back.

      I guess.

  5. Why is it so easy to fall out if the loop?!

    1. Serious Sam

      Serious Sam

      I don't know old friend, I don't know...

  6. Things went alittle bad at home, I'll be on when i can but i cant be too certain after what karma has been doing to me

  7. Hmmmm I like the banner

    1. HomuraBL


      Babs is second best pony!

    2. Prince Lightning Da Cute

      Prince Lightning Da Cute

      How dare you! she is best CMC!

    3. HomuraBL


      of course she is. but Pinkie will aways be best pony!

  8. I'll take part, i'm glad an idea like this was made and even more so that i was able to hear about it to take part of it. Its a great idea and im sure that everyone will love their gifts
  9. I wonder how long i can keep this monoploy on Graphic Design.....

  10. You are way too easy to find

    1. NekromantiaFox


      For once....I'm very glad to hear that. Especially from you.

  11. Well, in the true sense of the definition of tyrant, it was a ruler who kept power by use of the military, or paramilitary. so not in that sense, because in my opinion if the guards were left by themselves they aren't very good fighters, not saying they should be but still, so they wouldn't be able to hold the population under hostage or under their control if it was something like a riot but we know that cant happen though.
  12. Prince Lightning Da Cute

    Private Surprising news.

    "Find what? what could be so important?" Prince argued. "........ what do you think Piggy?" the Pig looked at her and took a very long stare before snorting in approval. Prince signed...He looked at the door and back at Ivy "ok...lets go..." Prince stretched his wings out and approached the window as he waited for her to lead him towards Ponyville
  13. Raccoon...your flank is mine!

    1. HomuraBL


      Don't know if good or bad...

  14. finally it works!

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    2. HomuraBL


      Hay tag, you haven't added me on steam yet. :(

    3. Prince Lightning Da Cute

      Prince Lightning Da Cute

      Sorry, hey you didn't add me!

    4. HomuraBL


      @Prince like I keep telling you, I'm f2p meaning I can't add friends myself.

  15. Still at some point I still feel that there can be too many mods, before I was able to tell how many, who was, and what they moderated as a mod. But now I'm finding it more difficult to do that. I feel that they deserve they're positions both I feel like it'll get to my first forum where there were so many mods, it was better to asse they were everywhere rather than learn which would be where. Zoop is just making his army and he just got another batch, before long he'll make 2 or 3 more and overthrow Feld0 and take his place as best mod- maybe I shouldn't have explained the plan...
  16. Prince Lightning Da Cute

    Private Surprising news.

    Prince rocked on his bed as Ivy knocked. Prince's pig that slept at the end of his bed woke up. She oinked once as she glanced at the window and made her across the bed to wake her owner. She snorted In his ear and he awake. "Piggy! What did I tell you about waking me up?". The pig looked to the window and Prince walked toward it as he became more curious. He slowly opened it to see see Ivy waiting. He looked around furiously trying to see if anyone was around before pulling her inside and shutting the window. "Are you crazy?! If my mom sees you then we'll both be in trouble."
  17. Bo, have you been able to get on site?

  18. Hana, can you get on the site?

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    2. Prince Lightning Da Cute

      Prince Lightning Da Cute

      im sorry to go this far but my nickname for you is Stacy and youre a transsexual. And im not sure why

    3. Prince Lightning Da Cute

      Prince Lightning Da Cute

      im sorry to go this far but my nickname for you is Stacy and youre a transsexual. And im not sure why

    4. hana
  19. *knocks on back entrance* Nice profile pinky! im impressed

    1. Pinkazoid


      Profile? what profile? :D

  20. Reserved? O.O I feel so special.... http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/prince-lightning-flicker-r44 here is my OC for this, i guess now we wait for you know who? and what do you plan to do with the other spots hmmmmm? im curious to see actually
  21. Prince Lightning Da Cute

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    reviving a thread for a pony with double ponytails deserves only the best. I shall join you but the new members have done a great job keeping the fanclub threads alive, i haven't seen them in the longest
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