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Simple rules, first we got a pony [insert Pony], and the next person to post can thumb it down, or thumb it down by taking one point, after either the pony reaches 0 or 50, it'll be the next pony's turn, if the pony wins, it will move on to the next level :3




Start: [insert Pony]- 50

1st post: [insert Pony]- 49 (-)

2nd post: [insert Pony]- 48 (-)

3rd post: [insert Pony]- 47 (-)

4th post: [insert Pony]- 48 (+)





Twilight Sparkle- 50

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Rainbow Dash- 51


Am I doing this right?


Twillight first add or subtract from the current number :3


uhh... 49?


Répéter les instructions en français, s'il vous plaît?


I never studied french, but with the spanish I know you said something about repeating the instructions in french
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