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request Equestria girls mane 7 as Monsters Inc./University styled Monsters.


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I mostly want these digitally sketched and colored.

Sunset Shimmer: Demonic satyr with a human like face, except with a tarkatan/ mileena set of extendable fangs. She would have upward curved horns (rather short) , and finally she would have green serpent like eyes. Mix of elements from her Demonic form from the first EqG movie as well as her Equine form (lower part of her body being a satyr-like pair of legs with the color of her coat and mane color on her tail) but proportioned to a normal horse's back legs instead.

Twilight Sparkle: Like Sunset would be a satyr, however the difference being she would look less demonic and more cute and hairy with larger horns, small (midnight sparkle-esque) wings and smaller fangs with blue eyes.

Fluttershy: I'd imagine to be a one-eyed amphibious/fish like creature with fin like bangs, long skinny arms with two tone colored nails, and a large set of tentacle legs (like a half-squid half frog).

Pinkie Pie: Pinkie is a four eyed quadrupedal alligator mammal hybrid like monster with a long thin snout and even longer tongue and a whole lot of pink fluffy hair, so much of it that you can barely see her face at times.

Applejack: BIG and SCARY, so when choosing a monster design I decided to use a mix between James P. Sullivan, King Kong and Godzilla, she would have a serpent like orange hide like godzilla and an ape like body structure like king kong or Sully, her tusks would be visible even if her mouth is closed and her height would be around 8 ft tall. 

Rarity: Graceful and Creepy. A tie between a spider or a snake. Her design would be an ivory white snake with eight arms, a mix between a spider and a snakes head with purple stripes, have six blank blue eyes, and have a long rattle tail. Usually stands upright.

Rainbow Dash: For her design think Brock Pearson, but thinner, more crane like avian legs and winglike arms, a fin like mohawk and lot more colorful feathers.

Spike: A Mix of his Dragon and dog forms. But Eyes are on Stalks instead of connecting to his head.

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