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Ask a few ocs


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5 beings stand there, 3 of them look human, one looks humanoid. One of them is a large panther robot. One of the humans is tall, with dark red hair that reaches down to her waist, with eyes that a bit lighter red than her hair, she’s dressed in rather formal attire, a sleeveless vest, a long sleeved white dress shirt, black dress pants and black high heeled boots along with a red satin puff tie. The other human looking ones look slightly identical in hair style and eyes, both hair cuts are long but not as long as the taller humans; white with thick red streaks, but one of them has thicker streaks, both of their eyes are bright red. Ones dressed rather casually; long sleeved red and silver horizontal striped hoodie, slightly torn up blue jeans, and sneakers that are the same color as the hoodie just with a few stripes on them. The other however is dressed in clothes like this.  The last one has pale blue skin, dressed in clothes like this (don’t ask about the art, I can’t find it anymore sadly) , the gem pictured is over her left eye, and the hair is shorter and doesn’t cover the other eye. 
Hey there! I’m Odella Lark. I’m here to answer any questions you might have for me. 

And I’m what you should call just Scarlettia as to avoid confusion with my other counterpart here, ask away mates.

Oh hello you should call me Geist, much like Scarlettia here it’s to avoid confusion between the two of us. But have at it.

Greetings I am Kurohyoumon, I am here to answer any questions you humans might have for me.

And I’m Aquamarine! Not to be confused with other Aquamarines. I’m here for questions like everyone else! 



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Nachos? Hmm. I guess..

Hell yeah. Gimme. 

Not really all that hungry right now.

Na..chos?-tilts head in confusion- What are nachos? My database does not have any records of them that I can find.

Nachos sound okay right about now. I occasionally get them when I step on land or if some random human traveling on a boat or something shared them. After they’ve stopped losing their minds because they’re seeing an alien creature.  

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-the ones who took up on the offer grabbed a few of them-
I’d probably say something along the line of a sort of supernatural/non human connection, seeing as I’m not quite human? Would an Edianian count as human? But the two identical ones here are both poltergeists, Aquamarine is well a gem alien and Kuohyoumon here is a black panther robot. 

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3 hours ago, Samurai Equine said:

Robots are cool. :pinkie: Kurohyoumon, henkei! Chakusou!

-her eyes light up, clapping her paws together-

Gokigen na chou ni natte kirameku kaze ni notte Ima sugu kimi ni ai ni yukou.  Yokei na koto nante wasureta hou ga mashi sa. Kore ijou shareteru jikan wa nai! She sang. 

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She nods. “Indeed.” 
“Saying that might not do a thing but playing ‘Love Serenade’ will cause her to as some people might say ‘absolutely lose her s***.” Aquamarine rolls her eyes at the two. 
“I come from a far off galaxy from here. Can’t quite remember since I’ve been on earth for a good few thousand years. I do remember homeworld. Vaguely. Mostly because I try to forget the place as best as I can.”


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