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Hi ! 

I'm a french girl, so my english is a litlle bad...

I'm a new player of the gamr of My Litlle Pony, but i don't have friends and I can't do some mission that requires friends. Having friends is better for playing :)

Tell me your code or add me


Thank you in advance ! :)

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The Forum Games section is designated for users to create their own games in thread form to play with other users to play along. You are seeking out other users to play a physical game with you. This would be better executed through a status update or perhaps even a blog entry (you can access this feature by reaching 5 posts), as it doesn’t contain much potential to commence a lasting discussion as its own topic.


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@MssKW If you're having the Gameloft's MLP game in mind, the thread for it already exists:


Feel free to post your code and discuss the game there. You'll also find the codes posted by others there. :) 

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