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CS3 - Memnagerie (linked posted)


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Title: Memnagerie

Airdate: May-the-Fourth, 2020 (Australia)

Written by: Josh Haber

Synopsis: When Fluttershy starts to have issues with her animals in rehearsing for the coronation, Twilight Sparkle decides to assist her while reminiscing her past moments with her.

Link: https://yadi.sk/i/vRD4gz2vb6Xniw

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I liked it.


It was amusing hearing twilight admit that discord is the most annoying being in existence, we all know that she thinks that already but hearing it from her brought a big smile on my face. Plus I really glad they talked about the stare, and that they pointed out why its possible that the stare didn't work on the flash bees(I though it was obvious but it seems some questioned it). Plus, we have seen the best acting from her probably, good job FS, clever girl.;) 


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