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For a little project I have planned, I try to collect some information about unicorns.


First: What are the most basic/powerful spells unicorns can use to protect themself? So far I have the following



Magic Shield 


Blaster/Beam attack




How many different kinds of horns did we see in G4? I rememer the following


Basic Horn

Long Horns

Curved backwards (Mistmane and her japanese like town)

See through (crystal like) horns



Do you remember other canon horn forms (broken doesn't count) or fitting spells? Official books also count


Thanks for the help😊

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Telekinesis is the most common spell used by unicorns. The difficulty to cast this spell on an object increases with it's number, size, momentum, and resistance towards the caster.

Number: Using magic to lift a small rock may not be very difficult, but lifting two rocks simultaneously doubles the difficulty of the task. The same issue can apply to loose materials like water or sand. Any unicorn could toss a snowball, but to select the exact area of snow to compress into a ball would take much practice.

Size: The larger the object, the more strain it will place upon the spell caster, both in volume and mass.

Momentum: An object that is moving will be more difficult to cast a spell on, and this increases with speed.

Resistance: An object that does not want to be moved about, such as another unicorn, will put up more of a challenge.

The simplest means of protection would be to move an object in front of themselves as cover, and to throw one as a projectile. The size and accuracy of both may be increased over time.

To demonstrate that one has mastered telekinesis, I think a unicorn would have to "catch" another unicorn's beam attack, while maneuvering other objects and self levitating. This isn't very practical though since a unicorn of this skill level could easily cast a shield instead.

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