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Nice to meet everypony! :)


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Hi, my names Ernesto (Pony: Dr. Pepper) new to the mlp forum community. I can at times be a troll, and be a smart mouth but mostly im nice. I'm open to meet other's, but am socially awkward at times, so if you could introduce yourself first that would be appreciated. :)


I have a youtube channel called "vladforlove" and so far have 262 subs hoping to get to 300 soon :). http://www.youtube.com/user/vladforlove is the link if you would like to get to know more of my personality that would be a great way to learn about me :)


I'm excited to meet everypony!




-Ernesto (Dr. Pepper)


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Derpy for the welcome. Hope ya like it here. Sorry, but I stole all the welcoming muffins.... I couldn't help it. Stole the first spot too. See ya around

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It's okay, i'll just take one of pinkies cupcakes :) Hopefully it has a bit of rainbow dash in it though! She tastes great :)


Hello and welcome to the forums! Hope you like it here :) Lots of interesting things to do around here, you should find it quite enjoyable i think :)


Thanks, I am already liking the ponies :D
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