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  1. I'm back for a while

  2. I'm back for a while

  3. back from the dead. Just been working too hard to log in

  4. I hate fake satanists. Its a flame looking for kindling

  5. Been Taking swing shifts, and missed everything that passed the last three days

  6. Must Make Room on phone for FFVII Sountrack!

  7. Moar.... I actually like being a janitor irl. I don't like college students, because I will never be one. I don't like sadistic people. I died once. I hate hot food. I like to crossdress, but I don't because I think I'm too unattractive Fin
  8. Dexter finally left... Time to go home

  9. I have been engaged twice, but never married. Between the ages of ten and eighteen I have made over 500,000 us dollars. Since turning eighteen, I have failed to earn 1,000 us dollars. I am allergic to wheat. I have never been in trouble with law enforcement. I killed a man in self defense. I have fantasies about sleeping with trixie. I chain smoke when I can afford to I think that's it. I'm pretty open. Edit: Ya'll are spilling some real dirt. Time for updated list Nearly bald. I watch chick flicks because i enjoy them I sometimes join dating sites as a girl for fun. I like to cuddle I am into fairies, dolphins, pink, and romance. I can't sleep well without my togepi pillow...
  10. You may refer to me as Yanni the Yanitor for a while

    1. SmittyWerbenjagermanjense


      That picture... i seen it somewhere

    2. Tuxedo Kamen!

      Tuxedo Kamen!

      A show from the nineties about a boy genius

      Villain for one episode.

      Coolest janitor ever

  11. Some of the family had decided to get together, have a few, and pass out candy, so that's where my dad and I ended up. But by the time everyone gathered, we were all so tired and stressed, we ate our own candy, didn't drink, and split after watching supernatural. Not bad, saying as we all work today.
  12. Liam Neeson is a great actor. I have not seen of movie that he is in, that I didn't like. He is like the Tuxedo Mask of Acting. Not the most awesome actor ever, but definitely coolest. (Kiefer Sutherland doesn't rank on my list. I didn't like 24)
  13. I hate arguing! but I normally do it anyway. I normally don't care whether I win or not, as long as we don't resort to stupid reasons, like Morgan Freeman has a kitten on his head therefore, your argument is invalid
  14. The question differs by gender. My Ideal Boy is much different than my ideal Girl. Boy: He has to be nice, very. I prefer clean, and kept. Recessive and Introverted. has to look good in v necks(Its like, a thing....). Not constantly needy or frisky. Smart, and able to put up support me. That's about it. Girl: I am way less picky. has to embrace her inner girl, be mature, and be okay with smoking. And not a tease, It changes my perception of her.