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  1. Sorry for so many updates. May be having a new houseguest soon. She is treated terribly anyway, they won't miss her.

  2. Sorry for earlier post, the thing that made me happy was just mocking... I'm just gonna go cry and sleep now.

  3. Was gonna sleep but now I'm way too excited. ^_^

  4. Got put under "school arrest" for some time today. They saw me putting a sticky note with a bleeding heart up and decided I was a criminal. XD I'll be truthful though, it was more like an 80 sticky note picture I made quickly between classes. Looked great though and everyone loved it. XD

  5. Terrible day. Threatened to slam a senior's head through a window because he unplugged the music when the song I paid for came on.

    1. Fizz.


      *hugs tight*

    2. Colon Leftbracket

      Colon Leftbracket

      dickhead seniors... *is a senior*

    3. Snowflake


      *huggles* and only the jock seniors are bad. XD

  6. Now.....what can I make a cosplay weapon from that won't count as a real weapon. My original idea doesn't work, even with the mods I made to it. XD

  7. My gas mask filter is terribly our of date. I was trying it out for the sake of it, and it was murder to my lungs when the smoke grenades went off.

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    2. Snowflake


      Because my filter was old, my mask filtered nothing and I got pure smoke to the lungs. (not to mention that smoke grenades we make are the kind made to harm. Cleaning products and such.)

    3. Fluffykins the Cat

      Fluffykins the Cat

      Why do you have a Gas mask on?

    4. Snowflake


      I'm testing it out because I finally got it finished for my cosplay. And the filter was out of date. XD

  8. Working on my OC for the cosplay club. All I'm missing is some boots and the pants I want.

  9. I shall remain lovesick for the remainder of the year at least. >_<

  10. The Living tombstone. He would be amazing. The show needs another dj...and more dubstep....and more awesomeness...and more people like tombstone with amazing accents.
  11. Heading to bed soon. Need to finish a sketch for my friend though. XD anyway, anybody wanna add my art page? It's quite lonely there. XD http://www.facebook.com/darlin.tagger

  12. Pissed off the wrong people today. I wouldn't give them any money so they caught me off guard and mugged me. Too bad for them I only keep 5 or 6 bucks on me each day, and I already used 3 of it. XD

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    2. False Perception
    3. False Perception

      False Perception

      I would imagine you would all need minis.

    4. Mirad


      Don't invite me to your van...

  13. Time to slide through school tomorrow. Hard to stay awake after a whole morning in the back of a "gas mask" smoke level bus. XD you feel "Mellow" all day. XD

    1. Xidphel


      If it makes you feel any better, due to a strike last session, I start the 5th or 6th of December.

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