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MLP OC challenge


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Recently did the mlp oc challenge from tiktok and wanted to post it here. If ya'll wanna show me yours thats cool too <3

Rewriting it:
make your coat color your favorite color
if your favorite color is warm you're an earth pony
cool color, you're a pegasus
if your color doesn't fit those you're a unicorn.
Your eye color is the color of your favorite flower
if you have one or less pets you have a long mane and tail if you have 2 or 3 pets you have a short mane and tail. If you have 4 or more pets, your mane and tail are different lengths
mane color is the color of your shirt. if your hair is dyed, add more color to your mane
Now add your own special touch.


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Red's my favorite color so an Earth pony I'd be.

Favorite flower is 🌹 so Red eyes I've got.

I have 2 cats, so short mane and tail.

Red is the color shirt I wear so mane and tail are red as well.


Wow with all the red, you would think I'm the Devil in Pony Form

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