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Problem #2

Silly Druid

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The starting price of a dress at Rarity's shop was 100 bits. The price was raised by 1% 10000 times, and then lowered by 1% 10000 times. What's the final price?

Also, what happens if it's lowered by 1% 10000 times first, and then raised by 1% 10000 times?

(For the purposes of this problem, you should assume that a price can have any precision, so don't round them to 1/100 of a bit, or anything like that. Only the final result should be rounded.)

@StrawberryMilk Simp Before you ask: Yes, I realize that this problem is totally ridiculous and unrealistic :-P

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Reminds me when my father asked me once to calculate a compound interest on his investment, and when I said "Hmm… the 12th power of 21/20 is…", he yelled: "12th POWER?! ARE YOU MAD?! THIS WOULD BE AN ASTRONOMICALLY LARGE NUMBER!" :Cozy:

"Yeah, but it's a 12th power of number just a wee bit larger than 1" – I replied :D

He still didn't get it, so I left him in the hands of other "experts" :J

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