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I joined here for fun!. My brother convinced me since I watch MLP and listen to the awesomely made fan music with him. Tix is my little brony, though he is now taller than I. I'm exicted to start here and talk to everypony (my brother pointed out over my shoulder XD) that has similiar interests I do!


In other words nice to meet you all!



I really like artistic things but mines all hand done because I'm no good with a computer so this will be interesting.

I draw, and sew (and my brother in patiently waiting for his rainbow dash hat) and take photos along with Cosplay (I guess I could explain but you get props if you already know what it is)

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Welcome welcome! I hope you come to enjoy your stay here with us! I look forward to all the wonderful art you'll possibly share with us in the future! ;3


X3 thanks sooo much you've been really welcoming I'm really exicted to be really active here! I can't wait to see your future artwork either ^.^

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Welcome, sorry for the late welcome. one gets busy while in the corporate environment.

I think i remember something that Tix put up of yours. It was pretty tasty. i mean good.

Wanna Muffin?

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