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Just because it has taken over two months to post development updates does not mean I've forgotten about this project. I would keep my followers posted if I had a viable amount of new content to announce. But being a solo dev typically takes a while for things to get going, realistically.

That being said, I've been working vigorously to add a brand-new mechanic to the game; this composes Final Fantasy Friendship's core character progression system. The latest update planned is to debut the Scroll system. Basically, you equip a scroll to a character, gain AP (Ability Points) after battles and begin to learn new Command Abilities as well as gain permanent stat boosts! Of course, this alludes to the classic Materia/Magicite system used in a number of Final Fantasy games. As a novice dev, the best thing I can do is use what I know to build my game around.

The inclusion of the Scroll system will be featured in Final Fantasy Friendship version 0.2, along with some additional gameplay that introduces a new playable character! As I said, there are some rather big changes to the development of the game from version 0.1!

The are some story events I feel are necessary to finish before distributing version 2.0, so a new release isn't planned for the near future. But I will try my best to keep you posted more often than I have been. 

(Included in this post is a mockup of a major change to RPG Maker XP's Skills menu, detailing the custom Scrolls submenu.)

Revised Abilities Menu - Scrolls V2.png

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