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cheesy boy

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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony

Rainbow Dash

How did you find MLP Forums?

well. about 8 months ago I was introduced to mlp fim and after watching some episodes I wanted to read other people's opinions on said episodes and discovered this website.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony

8 months ago I wanted to fill my mind with something so I would forget a bad memory and clear my mind from it ( I know it's a bit weird when you think about it ) and I found mlp fim and watched some episodes and continued watching and liked it.

and continued watching to learn English and take a break between my studying sessions (the more I think about it the more they sound like excuses) and I have recently finished the series.

hi . I'm (whatever the username I chose ). 

I'm a 18 year old guy from Iran and I'm interested in discussing fim cannon and basically reviewing episodes . ( but it seems that I'm about 6 years late and community has died down since)

that's the sole reason I created this account, and I will probably make one or two posts here and leave this website after I express some of my thoughts on the show.

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Man, it's not a school or job, you can not be late here ^•^

Welcome to the herd an I hope this place will give you many nice memories as it did to many of us. ^o^

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Welcome to the forums cheesyboy! Glad MLP made you feel better! 

Sad to hear that you plan to leave this site after making 2 posts, I really hope you give this site a chance, here is a beautiful place, I say this for my own experience, I almost wasn't very active in my first months here because I thought this place was just like any other place where you can barely make any friends, so I initially was only here to also share my thoughts on the show and to just make theories, but once I decided to give a chance to the other parts of the forum, like the friends and stuff, everything changed for me and I notuced how special this place is! Since then I'm loving here and I'll visit everyday because there's always awesome people here!

I really hope you give a chance just as I did, feel happy! :coco:

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Dorood bar to!
Nice to see another Iranian Brony around here
btw the community isn't dead yet, you won't believe me when i say there are more than 100 Iranian Bronies
Could you message me, please?

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