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Umm, mind pulling me INTO the herd before welcoming me there?


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My name is Sixxon. I came from 3DS Forums, and I'm a conflicted Brony.


Infact, I wouldn't even be on this forum without Kurtiss or if I hadn't caught Twilight Sparkle drinking wine in Episode 2.



Well, that's about it. And can someone help me work up the might to watch Episode 4?

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You have to watch episode 4! Wait, episode 4 in season 1 or 2? Nonetheless, you should watch both. The new one will be about Luna and the old one is called Applebuck Season and its one of my favorites. Anyway, Welcome to the herd! *brohoof* or *brofist* if you're not that into ponies.

PS. Twilight is best pony

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Just watch it and make up your own opinion about it :) I think that's the best way to do it, really. I thought it was stupid at first, too, but then when I actually sat down and watched it, I found I enjoyed it. It can be easy to sway yourself one way or another before you've even started, so just... try to go into it with an open mind, I guess. That's the best advice I have.


Also, welcome! :D

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You still have that I hate ponies avatar on 3dsforums. You should change that or we will love and tolerate the hell out of you.


I still lose it if I see ponies spammed in a completely unrelated thread.

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I'm a conflicted Brony.


You don't have to feel so conflicted :D

I myself am one of two marines who are on this forum, so know that you are amongst manly men. And even I was once where you are now, a little afraid of the stigma of being known for watching a "little girl's show". However after I got to watching more of the episodes the more I loved the humor, the characters, and the little in-jokes that only an older generation would understand.


And can someone help me work up the might to watch Episode 4?


Well you don't necessarily need to start with Episode 4, there is a little something for everyone in several episodes. I for one started watching the show with Episode 10 "Swarm of the Century" because it is a parody of an episode from Star Trek: The Original Series. Or if Star Wars is your thing then maybe you can watch both season's premiere two episode mini-arcs as both of them end with Star Wars style ending scenes. That stuff also not your thing, then keep watching them all until you catch all the 'adult' references hidden through out the show. This show has a little bit for everyone to enjoy. ^_^ Edited by Leatherneck
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