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I'd appreciate if you guys could help me with my oc?

Jordan Dash

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I wanted to create an oc for quite awhile but I wanted to make one that doesn't look generic like all those dark ones or ones covered in accessories. But yeah, all I need help is with suggestions.


I wanted to name him something with Thunder in it. So for example something like 

Thunder Muffin (I was seriously thinking Muffin but I'm still looking for suggestions)

Thunder Kane (or Caine)


I also wanted to know what you guys thought about my alpha stage of my pony, if you want to you can suggest colors or whatever you think would make it look better. 




And if it helps, my oc will be portrayed as a young adult that likes alt rock, punk rock, techno, partying, hanging with others being social, playing games, having a sense of humor, competitive and loves the wind in his mane.


Any suggestions are extremely helpful, but what I look for the most are name suggestions


thank you very much! <3

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Well really its up to you how you want your OC to look.


I'd just say pick whatever colors go well together and contrast well.


I'd also recommend not making your OC have any very odd shades of color that are way to bright even for a pony, Its hard to explain, but you kinda want to have this almost fleshy like shade of color to it.

I've messed around with my specific colors on my OC a bit before, I've had a few times where I've felt I needed to make one color brighter or one color like this or that.


In the end its up to you though, just make it look however you want, with whatever colors you think looks good together.


If you really want me to suggest something small I think you might wanna experiment with the coat color a bit, it looks like it maybe atleast a little to bright, but I can't really tell for sure, you may even just need to fool with the mane colors.


Overall I recommend just experimenting a bit. Its hard for me to really visualize anything without experimenting a bit, plus my tastes in colors and shades may be different then yours.


Which all comes back to, its your OC so you can do whatever you want with it really :).

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How about Thunder Blitz? Sure, it does sound like Rainbow Blitz, but since that is an OC of its own.... Just a suggestion. 



Wheres the cutie mark?


Blitz... i like the way it roles off the tongue.


As for the cutie mark, I still have no idea what to place for it as I don't want to go and clutter it with a bunch of pictures layer atop of each other and I can't decide on it. That was one of the things I needed to add but wanted to hear some suggestions

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