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Hello Everyone


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Hello my dear fellow ponies, my name is Clarissa and I'm living in Indonesia. I have been playing My Little Pony for about 6 months. I want to build up friends with other members in this forum. 


Please invite me to be your Facebook friends and I will share gifts with others.  My facebook name is Clarissa Purwanto.  


I wish I can enjoy this forum with other friends. Thank you.


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Hi, Clarissa! It's been wonderful to get to know you! I hope you enjoy your time here at ''MLP Forums'' and make yourself feel like home. :lol:

Welcome to our happy home!


I am sure you are going to have a great time here, we have tons of great people and you will make so many friends, just stay away from Discord! he is nasty

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Hi, happy welcome!

If you are looking for new friends or just cool bronies/ pegasisters to hang out, talk to, roleplay with this is just the place to be :D

Hope you´re gonna like it here, so much awesomeness on this forum /)^3^(\


see ya around, have a nice day

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Hey there Clarrisaangeline Welcome to MLPforums.com :)

Everyone here is friendly, we don't bite. (we love new-comers :D)

6 months is still longer then me, you will enjoy this forums to your mac :)

I hope you enjoy your stay here in The forums (the best forums of course)

and to finish off my welcoming I'm going to play a little song :)

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