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Well I don't know what to put here so I'll just riff.
My name is Night Moonstone or just Night and I live in Canada. I won't bore anypony with IC details. That's what role plays are for!
I've been a Brony for almost a year at this point. I was turned on to the show by simple curiosity and a few friends that were fan's before I even considered watching MLP. Mind, I love Grimdark more than the show but that's just me. I'm older than old so I won't tell my age here so I won't embarrass myself by telling it.

Please oh please don't be afraid to drop me a private message. I'm a gentlecolt and I love making new acquaintances and friends.
As for what I do, I write both fan fiction and more serious works along with being an digital artist. You all can see my work on DeviantArt.

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COOL! Slaaaaavvvvvveeeessssss... OOPS! Wrong antagonist, oh well. The Great and Powerful Muffin Thief welcomes the new recruit.

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