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  1. *Sniffs this thread* ... I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING
  2. Well, I ate a horse out on my front lawn yesterday. Everything went to a blur after that and before I knew what was going on I woke up in my bed, covered in tuna salad and holding an empty bottle of vintage champagne.
  3. Darn. I must be running low on mental instability. Going to have to wait until I can get some more Stormgiggle exposure for that.
  4. I predict that I will be enjoying this one for a long time.
  5. Hmm... a quick post here before I go to bed should grant me the life skills, carbohydrates, regicide attempts, Stormgiggle exposure, Homestuck references and mental instability I need for a prophetic night's sleep. G'night, you magnificent bastards.
  7. The Black and White kings should like, settle their differences and form a peaceful kingdom as co-rulers. It would be called... The Grey Kingdom.
  8. Outfits are too current. I for one, am wearing nothing but a necktie.
  9. Never apologize for taking a break from the internet equivalent to solvent abuse.
  10. Indeed you have, fellow has-been. People like us used to run this thread... But together we can reclaim our former glory. Join my team... and together we can defeat all of this new-blood!
  11. Yes. We are all best friends. All of us. Forever...