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Rainbow Dash teaches Scootaloo how to fly, Baby Steps


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Forum member-made Scootalove art? :'D So much happy <3


Very adorable x3 I can imagine Dash coming up with something ridiculous like this, too.


What? you mean no one the forum has done a Scootdash art work yet?! 


Thanks, think I'm gonna remove Wheatley, the thing looks so out of place. Poor him.

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She only needs one balloon for lift now.  Scoots is coming along nicely.  :)  At first I thought the Wheatley was some kind of a weather satellite to help RD do her cloud patrol job.  Then I googled it and found out it was something totally different.  Silly me. 


The eyes were cute too.  Good stuff, heh. 

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Oh wow, that's adorable! :D


Love the face expressions :'D  I can already imagine Scootaloo cutie mark being a balloon, lol.


Btw Dashie is missing her Cutie mark >_>



haha you're the first to realise that. I am the master illusionist. I've showed my friends this, and they didn't notice the blank flank


D'AWWWW!! that is sooo cute <3 I like their eyes, especially Scootaloos, They are so incredibly cute!! Five stars out of five!!! XD lol


Unfortunately, you would have to give Jiayi the credit for the eyes, I got it from her, I'll be changing it soon, for it to be original, here's her link 



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it's a very adorable picture ;) it's simple yet cute.

but what Scootaloo is holding on her hoof? whatever it is, it looks heavy, be careful, like I said that object looks heavy, Scootaloo should be bending a little bit to the right with her right fore hoof a little bit lower, that can give the drawing a sense of reality.

But very good job! ;)

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