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Need help naming my new OC


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Hey everypony I'm currently working on an idea to start a new fanfiction. This story will be a love story between Miss Cheerilee and my new OC. Since I don't know how old Cheerilee I will flush out major details when I figure that out. Anyway I also haven't gotten a lot flushed out for my new OC but he has two lives that he lives. He's a singer in a rock band but goes by the name Star Feather when he's on stage. He's a kind and sweet pony who doesn't like confrontation. I'm trying to explain all of this without  divulging too much, but his makeup designer puts on a special dye that changes his coat color for when he goes on stage. Nopony knows who he is outside of concert since the dye can be washed off with a special type of soap. Anyway the version with the jacket is him as Star Feather and I'm not sure what to make his actual name, any help would be appreciated.




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Alright, interesting, let's see what I can think of....


  • Meadow Glow
  • Field Breeze
  • Lemon Breeze
  • Skylar 
  • Green Grow
  • Flight Field
  • Double Side
  • Alternative Snap
  • Electric Blast
  • Lightning Strike

When I look at him...I automatically think "Meadow Glow". I probably didn't help much, but it's still an interesting OC. :P

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Jolly Green Giant


Uh, lessee, Meadow Rock?


Turning Leaf


Green Riff


Stage Flight




Copper Metal (Metal for the rock & roll aspect, Copper because his Feather Star version is roughly copper-colored, and copper tarnishes to green when it's left out in the weather, like the Statue of Liberty.  With this name, you could have it in his backstory that his dad wanted him to follow his hoofsteps as a copper miner or copper smith, but he said, "Nooooo...I wanna rock!")

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Hmmmm I really like the Copper Metal one that might be able to play a big factor in the story for both Cheerilee and Copper. Thank you both for your input for my character, now I just need to get the plot line down into a set line and start work on it.

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