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Hi .... well, obviously I'm new here! I'm nearly 35 so I'm kind of hoping I'm not too old to be here. I've never been a particularly huge fan of anything if I'm honest with you, I just kind of like what I like and keep it quiet. But I absolutely love MLP and I guess I just wanted to share the love with fellow fans! It's nice to meet you.

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and no you 're not too old we have members that are older


I guess that's my cue?  dry.png


Anyway, welcome to the forum, Lunas!  :)  When it comes to a great cartoon, there's no such thing as being too young or too old.  I'm 42 and there are active members older than I am.  So while you're certainly over the median age, you're still in good company.  Love of MLP transcends age, gender, and other boundaries. 


Feel free to explore and have fun!

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Yay for adult fans! Everyone is totally welcome! Without fear of getting flamed or trolled! I'm 27 and love the show for the escape it offers me, into a world of absolute joy, kindness, wonder, and magic!! Always loved magic stuff :) this show totally transcends age, just like the creator's other shows did...powerpuff girls and Foster's.....loved those shows too!!! So ya, welcome mate! :)

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