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Heya, new to the show!


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Heya MLP fans! Kudou is trying his hand at getting into this extensive fanbase. Everyday I'm watching one episode and giving my thoughts. Those of you with a few minutes on your hands, it would be great if you could watch a bit and give me some feedback. It might be kind of fun to see a complete outsiders perspective to the show from the beginning! :) Maybe we can even share thoughts on the show. Anyways, if you wanna be there for the full adventure, be sure to subscribe! And thank you to everyone who took the time to read this over :>


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Hey welcome to the forum!

I watched your video by the way. :)

Overall I really liked it! I generally really like these types of videos where people sit down and give their thoughts about something in a meaningful and insightful way. It made me laugh a few times and also notice things that got overlooked when I watched the show the first time. You do a good job on explaining the pros and cons of what you think about MLP and I can't wait to see more videos from you about this. 


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Hello Kuduo. Great to have you here with us.


Your video was very honest and informative. The concept of 'color pop' was something I never heard of before, so thanks. I learned something new today. Besides that, I might disagree with you where the writing is concerned, but I understand your opinion is honest and sincere, and I'm glad you spoke your mind. Overall, your voice was very clear, you spoke quickly and didn't bore me for a moment.


I couldn't afford the time right now to subscribe and watch every one of your reviews the moment they come out, but thanks for sharing one with us.

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A big brotherly welcome to the forums Kudou!


I've never really been one to over-analyze the show and have honestly never even watched or read any reviews regarding them, so your video was a first for me.


I have to say that it was pretty interesting to step back and look at everything from a production point of view rather than just kind of turning off my brain and enjoying the show just for the sake of it. Actually learned about concepts and tricks I always kind of noticed in a lot of shows but never knew the names of so that's a plus too I reckon.


All and all I'd say it wasn't too bad. Thumbs up from me. ;)

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Wowsers, thanks for all the love guys! Part of what makes the series so fun to do is the act that I'm the kind of person who overanalyzes everything and takes things too seriously, so this is really stepping outside of my comfort zone. Thank you for the warm welcome, and the views!

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