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  1. Yes I got extremely bored and decided to do this xD Quite simple really, im a big fan of eyes and thought it would be interesting if people shared theirs and there preferences for eye color No editing! Here is mine!
  2. Childhood Backstory: Skylar was born at Riftwood manor, home to a very wealthy family of status. During his early infant years his parents tried to shape him into a well mannered, strict and 'noble' stallion but from the offset it was clear to see that he would never fit into their vision of the perfect son. Rebellious by nature Skylar resisted them at every turn, he didn't want to be stuck going to boring social gatherings or listening to his parents whittle on about their family history... he just wanted to be free, to live up in the clouds, doing as he wished! One evening Skylar rushed back home, he was out playing with his friends but the rain had become to heavy to continue their game. Dripping wet he reached the large iron gate in front of his home, he tapped gently on the gate and called 'Mom... dad (They always insisted on him using the words mother and father instead) I am home... open up!!'. He pranced around on the spot for a while trying to keep warm, as several minutes past he began to grow worried and wondered if something had happened, as he tapped the gate a second time a small note fluttered down and landed on the sodden earth at his feet. He bent down and scooped up the note with one hoof so he could read it aloud 'My dear Skylar (from his mother then he assumed) your father has decided that he can no longer put up with your problems and cannot risk his standing with the other families because of your wayward nature... this left me in a very difficult place but I have to go with your father to a new location, which I cannot disclose. Though we can not continue to look after you know that I love you and will forever be in my heart... but I must not leave your father. Good bye Skylar, I hope we see each other again some day'. *Skylar let out a slight chuckle* Surely this was some kind of joke, he banged at the gates again louder and yelled ' that was a funny one mom!, Comon open up!'. No one answered and he began to realize the gravity of his situation... it wasn't a joke. As this thought crashed over him the note dropped out of his mouth and fluttered to the ground, landing face down in a puddle of mud and began washing slowly down the hill that lead up to the manor. For many minutes Skylar just stood there, frozen on the spot, it was as if his mind had gone totally blank and couldnt bring himself to believe what he had just read. He began to trot slowly down towards Ponyville, his mind still blank and stunned. The wind and the rain whipped his mane into a mess and the mud was beginning to stain the bottom of his legs. He continued to trot through Ponyville for roughly twenty minutes (though he wasn't keeping track of time), he barely noticed the ponies staring at him and whispering 'Thats Skylar, Mordus's Son... whats he doing out here all alone?' though none bothered to ask what he was doing. Eventually Skylar had left Ponyville all together, though he hardly noticed, and was now standing in the farmlands to the west of the town. In front of him he could see a very old beaten wooden barn looming up in front of him, it looked like it had been abandoned for many months but a small torch still burned defiantly against the assault of the wind and rain. Walking closer he could see that one of the doors was open, peering inside he saw that there were piles upon piles of hay strewn across the floor. Taking a step inside timidly he glanced around, it really did appear to be deserted but then why was there a torch still burning he wondered. Wearily Skylar lead down on top of the pile of hay at the back of the barn and began to cry as he had never cried before. His whole body shook and convulsed while the thoughts of the night finally exploded into his mind, he still couldn't believe that he was alone, that he would never see his parents again and that he had no home. He wept throughout the night, the wind still making the barn creek mournfully and the rain crept in through the roof, making small puddles on the ground. Part 2: A couple of days passed and still Skylar remained inside the barn, everything he had known had been stripped away from him and he didn't know how to face the world outside anymore. One afternoon he woke up to a beam of sunlight shining through the rafters illuminating the area where he laid. Looking up into the beam of light, which reflected in his large deep blue eyes, he whispered to himself ' I am sorry father and mother for letting you down, but I will prove to you and myself that I am strong enough to make you proud'. Still staring into the beam of light he stood up, stretched his small wings, hopped off the pile of hay and trotted towards the door. The large barn door was now illuminated by the brilliant sunlight and as he opened it the light blinded him momentarily.... 'Now it's up to me and me alone' he whispered, plunging into the light beyond. For many weeks Skylar roamed around Ponyville, taking every opportunity to eat though many times he was chased off by Ponies who thought he was just a common thief. One day, after being chased out of town by a few angry Stallions, he found himself wandering again but this time he was drawing close to the borders of the Evergreen Forest. Stopping to catch his breath from exertion of running from the other Stallions (He had never been taught how to fly) he looked up in awe at the massive trees that towered above him, as he was staring he could see many exotic birds of many different shapes and sizes zooming back and forth the branches. He had heard stories about Evergreen Forest, he wondered if it was safe to go inside... but since he was practically chased out of town he had no choice. 'Here we go' he sighed, as he walked through the forest many animals and critters scattered in panic to escape the stranger who walked before them. Skylar led down under the shade of a large apple tree, the sun was becoming to hot now, even for him. As he led in the shade a large red apple smacked him right on the head! 'Ouch!' he yelped, more in surprise than pain. He picked up the ripe, juicy red apple that was lying before him between his two hooves and bit into the apple gratefully, the juices trickling down his face. The apple was gone in a matter of seconds, Skylar had never tasted anything so delicious in his entire life! As he looked around he could see a multitude of other fruit trees surrounding the one he was under... 'I am going to like this place he thought!' trying to cheer himself up. The days were mostly good in Skylars new 'home', he would spend most of his time just watching the various animals going around their daily business in wonder. As he peered into the trees he could see two bright blue birds nuzzling each other lovingly, the sight brought tears to his eyes as he had not been in the company of another pony for many months now and missed having someone to speak to and care about him. As he continued to watch the birds flew away higher up into the trees, still circling around each other entwined in their courtship dance. He began to wonder about how he would learn to fly, he had always shunned his flying lessons when he was younger and had never fully learnt how to fly properly. Ironically it was his dream to get into the Flight Academy one day but he knew that he was still a couple of years to young (now 11 years old) and that he was nowhere near the standard they were looking for. He gazed at his wings as they twitched slightly in the light breeze, 'I have to start somewhere, right?' he thought as he walked towards a clearing in the forest. For the next month or so Skylar practiced his flying every day for as long as his body would let him. The first few days he found even hovering a few feet above the ground extremely difficult, he would flip wildly at the smallest motion or breeze and end up lying on his back stunned. However as days became weeks he learnt how to use the speed of the wind to steady himself and began to figure out the air currents he would need to lift off higher.. when the day came. As the month reached its climax Skylar had become confident enough to try flying above the trees. Nervously he stood in the clearing and shuffled slightly ' I wonder if this a good idea' he thought... 'No! I have to try' he replied to himself with a voice of determination. Beating his wings as hard as he could he began to lift off from the ground, not noticing the pair of green eyes staring at him from the shadows. As he went higher and higher the pace of his heart increased, he felt a surge of excitement that he had never felt in his life before.... 'YIPEE!' He shouted, but as he did so a strong draft caught underneath his wings and launched him further into the sky. He flipped wildly flying through the air, randomly beating his wings trying to slow down, but he crashed through the trees and hit a tree trunk with considerable force. When he awoke he could see two large green eyes staring down at him, they belonged to a grey unicorn with a brilliant blue mane, he looked concerned. 'A-are you okay?' asked the Unicorn nervously, he was about Skylars age and size'. Skylar shot up and immediately hid behind the tree, his eyes wide in panic... 'W-who are you?' he replied while looking for a way to escape (it had been a very long time since he had even seen another pony, let alone talked to one). The unicorn looked taken aback slightly by the reaction of the Pegasus, 'My name is Silverstar' he said with a friendly smile ' I have been watching you for about a week doing your flying exercises, It looks really fun! You look pretty good at it!''. 'You really think so?' he replied as he peeked out from behind the trunk, still eyeing the Unicorn wearily'. 'Of course!' Silverstar said with a grin, ' Whats your name?', 'My name is Skylar' he replied nervously, moving out from behind the tree so he stood about 10 feet in front of Silverstar. They both gazed at each other for several seconds, unsure what to say, until Silverstar finally said ' So, Skylar, what are you doing out here all alone... are you getting some practice in before you go home? '. ' Not exactly....' Skylar replied while turning his head slightly so the unicorn couldnt see the tear tricking down his cheek, ' I.... I live out here by myself... my parents left me because I was a 'problem' for them and no one else would take me in...'. Silverstar let out a loud gasp and rushed over to Skylar to embrace him in a tight hug. Skylar bucked slightly from the shock of the sudden affection... ' What are you doing?' he asked in a panicked voice. Tears we rolling down Silverstars face onto Skylars body, causing small blotches on his white coat... ' That is awful! How could anypony do that to their own Child?! How have you survived out here on your own?' he said with a sob, looking into Skylars eyes. 'Umm... well... I have just been eating the fruit from the trees and getting my water from the streams... it wasn't to hard...'. 'Haven't you been lonely ? ' Silverstar replied, still sobbing, Skylar looked down at the ground and shuffled ' Yes.... it has been very lonely for me ... but I've kept my mind on it by focusing on my flying... but even that is not going very well' he replied with a sigh. They stood there for several minutes, just holding each other... Skylar relished feeling the warmth from his body and already he began to feel the love of friendship eradicating the darkness within his heart. 'Honestly, I think you are a great flyer' said Silverstar as he nuzzled his new friend. 'Have you heard of the flight academy? They are always looking for young stallions like yourself who know the basics of flight, they will give you a place to live, rest , eat, keep warm and meet new friends... they dont judge you by your past or where you have been'. Skylar looked up at Silverstar and replied ' Yes, I've always dreamed studying there, but I thought they would never accept an outcast like me who can barely fly and besides even if they did im still two years too young'. Silverstar looked back at him with a puzzled expression and replied 'haven't you heard, they reduced the age limit about a year ago to ten and opened the gates to any pegasus willing to learn!'. 'REALLY?!' Skylar shouted, while jumping up and down in excitement, 'Thats the best news I've ever heard!!!!' however his expression suddenly dropped and he began to look sullen again. 'Whats wrong?' Silverstar asked, the puzzled expression growing, ' I.... I'm still not good enough for flight academy' he whimpered, ' Look at me, I live in a forest, I have no friends, no family, I cant fly properly... I would just be wasting their time' as the final words left his mouth he broke down crying. Silverstar pawed him gently and said ' Look, my parents know the grand master of the academy well, I will ask them to contact him... and maybe he will even come down and meet you!' however Skylars crying intensified. A look of concern crept across Silverstars face ' Please Skylar, stay here... I will come back as soon as possible with my parents and if possible the Grand Master himself! Please... stay here! ' As he spoke he galloped off as fast as he could to his home several miles away. Roughly an hour passed and Skylar began dozing underneath an old birch tree, the tears had stopped but he wondered if Silverstar would ever come back, even though he had only briefly met him he felt a strong feeling for him inside his heart... one he couldn't describe. As sleep crept upon him a brilliant golden light suddenly erupted into the clearing, sending animals fleeing and branches flying through the air. As Skylar opened his eyes he could see the most glorious white Pegasus he had ever seen trotting towards him, he had large black eyes, a gleaming white coat which shone with brilliance in the afternoon sun, he had a large horn and the biggest wings Skylar had ever seen ( He had never seen an Alicorn before). Something about his very presence made him quiver with love and excitement, this was obviously the fabled Grand Master of the Flight Academy. Skylar bowed awkwardly and almost fell over in the process, his cheeks lit up with the sudden embarrasment, he heard the Grand Master give a deep chuckle before placing his hoof under his chin and lifting Skylars head until their eyes met. When Skylar blinked he found himself in a white room, that seemed to shiver and move oddly, defying the rules of the normal world, as he turned the Grand Master approached him, without opening his mouth he said 'Greetings Skylar, I have watched your for some time now with interest, and must say it is a great honor to meet you.' His voice was deep, soothing and made the air in the room crackle. Skylar weakly replied ' The honor is all mine your... majesty? I am just an outcast Pegasi alone in the world... surely you couldn't have had any interest in me?'. The Grand Master chuckled again, while stroking the hair from Skylars face ' Please, Call me Verilion. Skylar, even though you may doubt yourself and your life has lead you down many dark roads you have something deep inside of you, something more beautiful than the afternoon sun, something more serene than the most peaceful night... it is what I like to call the light within us all... we each have one and each light burns for a different reason, with its own unique color! I can see in your heart that you are a very brave, compassionate and sensitive young stallion with so many glorious things awaiting you in your future.' Skylar was speechless, he stuttered as words failed to leave his mouth. Verilion put his hoof to Skylars mouth and said ' There is no need to speak young stallion, you have endured much but no longer... you are more than welcome to come to the flight academy... I myself would help oversee you as you settle in and make new friends. Also, with permission from his parents, I have permitted Silverstar to live with you for a time if you wish. The choice is yours'. Skylar burst out into tears, and bowed , 'Rise Skylar, I accept you into the Flight Academy, to grow and flourish as you deserve, you will one day become one of the best among us!' With those words a brilliant flash of light erupted from his horn and enveloped them both. Skylar Blinked, as the light slowly ebbed away he could see that he was stood before two huge golden gates, each of which were covered in many fine rubies and emeralds. Behind the gate was the Flight Academy, which he had seen in pictures as a child' towering above. The walls of the Academy were bright white and on each corner a blue tower shot up above the clouds each one with the statue of a famous Pegaus perched on top of them. The roof was made entirely of glass, as was the front of the building, he could see the panels of the roof sliding open and a multitude of Pegaus came streaming out towards the gates. As Skylar was still trying to get used to his surroundings the gates of the academy grinded open, the resulting light made Skylar cover his face with one hoof, but he could make out four shapes approaching. One was Silverstar, the other was the Grand Master and the other two were large unicorns who looked alot like Silverstar, 'Must be his mother and father' he thought to himself. Silverstar walked towards Skylar and embraced his friend in a hug for several moments, when he let go he said ' You never have to be alone now Skylar, you have endured alot of loneliness and pain but now we are all here for you'. As he spoke Silverstars parents trotted over to him and each put one hoof on his shoulders ' We are thrilled to finally meet your Skylar, Silverstar has told us so much about you... what has happened in your past can not be undone but we would like you to stay with us, when your not at the flight academy, to be part of our family!' Skylar began sobbing with joy and managed to reply ' Thank you... thank you all so much'. 'Come Skylar' said the Grand Master, putting a wing over him to steady the now wobbling Pegaus, 'Walk by my side, come see your new home and meet your new friends!' As he spoke the last words the Pegasi that had left the roof earlier all landed simultaneously next to him, all jumping up and down in delight, shouting ' Welcome Skylar, its so great to meet you!' While all gathering around him in a big muddle. 'Thanks' Skylar said weakly, before fainting onto the ground (the excitement had got to much for him). The Grand Master Chuckled again and lifted Skylars body easily onto his back, while he flew off towards the Academy he whispered in Skylars ear' You are home now my Child, you are now free to lead a life.... without limits'.
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    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Two users above me are blocked, answering Lightwing : On PC What came first, the chicken or the egg?
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    First Kiss

    My first kiss was with my best friend at the time. We used to be made to go to sunday school which sucked but it was alot more bearable with her around During one of the lessons she kept rubbing her leg against mine under the table and smiling at me which got my blood pumping a bit xD While we were sat talking outside the community centre sat on the railings we randomly looked at each other the same time and thats when it happened, just a single fairly long kiss, have to say it felt pretty amazing We had a relationship for a while but it didn't go that far and we just became friends again until I moved house recently, now we lost contact But as for the feelings, can't say much really, was just like a mind blank of ecstasy is all I can describe it ^__^
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    Private Trouble at Sea

    @@Lightning Bliss, *He looks at her for a few seconds, her mane blowing in the stiff breeze coming in from the window behind her. Their eyes meet for only a few seconds, but seems like an eternity to his mind. Slowly he raises to his feet, his sleek black mane gently blowing away from his face, with each step he continues to stare at his beloved friend, even in her current state still looking as beautiful as ever. Memories of their past flash through his mind and time around them seems to slow as he comes to a halt in front of her, his blue eyes moving side to side as he looks into hers, his heart full of affection and caring. He gently brushes away the tangled mane from her face and wipes away the tears from her red cheeks , again not saying a word for a few moments, just feeling once again the power and strength of their bond* Bliss.... *His eyes well up slightly with a motion but he keeps himself composed, not letting his feelings and emotions overcome him, he speaks softly* I see none of those things *He smiles a little seeing her confused look and continues* I see you. I see the most caring and amazing pony who I have ever had the good fortune to come across during my short life. *He gently takes her hoof in his and keeps smiling* I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that I have never come across somepony who really has changed my life so much for the better *His mind wanders back to the months before their first encounter, images flash in his mind of the days he would spend alone sat on the clouds watching other ponies going about their business, a time where all hope seemed to have faded from his world* .... I used to feel so alone, not a friend in the world until I met you *Sniffs and grins a little* Sure at first I remember we barely got along and butted heads more than once but *Places her hoof where is heart is and smiles at her* now... *he looks into her eyes again, his heart full of words that could not be spoken, he sighs a little and nuzzles her* I love you like a true sister Bliss.... I really do Look *He slowly turns with her and points outside the window towards the Yacht, lines of guards dressed in their gleaming gold and purple armor of the gryphon empire patrol the decks and the docks beyond awaiting their arrival, he turns back to her and smiles* All of this is for YOU blissy, all these creatures today came here to see you... doesn't that say something about how much you are cared about ? *He brushes her mane again gently and chuckles a little* Look how far you have come, gone from being a lone mare who had all but given up on finding happiness, confined to a life of loneliness and anger, suffered through years of abuse at the hands of others and had more than your fair share of tragedies... but yet your still here.... *The wind blows his mane across his face slightly and he brushes it away, hearing the large beat of wings he looks outside to see Night Lights flying high above the castle with his mother Pyra, their scales gleaming in the afternoon sun, he smiles and turns back to her* You now have a husband who loves you and makes you happy * Grins at her and gives a little sigh* If you want the truth then he is the luckiest dragon alive *His cheeks go red a little as he speaks* What im trying to say is... *His words choke in his throat a little and he clears it before looking into her eyes* If we had met under different situations... in a different time... maybe in another life... *Grins and clears his throat again, his heart full of longing but at the same time his mind full of the knowledge that it could never be, he smiled again, trying not to portray his true feelings* Who knows... but every day I thank Celestia for allowing me the chance to have been able to meet some pony like you *squeezes her hooves a little and grins* As long as you don't forget about me as you get even more popular among the different species, then I will always be there for you *He wraps his hooves around her and hugs gently, closing his eyes as he continues speaking, the breeze entangling their manes slightly* Everything in this world happens for a reason, sometimes we are dealt a hand that we aren't happy with but the power is within us all to make the best of our situation, as the pressure begins to mount we often forget about the small things in life that used make us happy, we forget to look at the wonders all around us, the beauty and complexity of it all... we forget about the things most important to us... *He smiles at her before continuing* All we can do is keep on going and smile in the face of adversity, and when we feel like coming to the end of our tether just stop, hold up our hoof, take a breath and focus on the reasons of why we are here and remember the ones we love *Squeezes her hoof and a tear trickles down her cheek* However much it means coming from me I will never forget about you nor let you go through these things alone, even if the day should come that we can never speak to each other again then I will always remember you and what you have done for me *He sniffs a little and stares out of the window, the sunlight causing his tears to shimmer and sparkle, he grins as he looks out at the clear blue waters beyond, listening to the gulls calling and the ponies clamouring around, he takes a deep breath of the salty ocean air before turning back to her* I love you Bliss, we all do, never forget how much you mean to us and that you are never alone in this world, and somewhere out there your father is watching you... and I know he must be the proudest stallion whoever lived right now *He stops speaking as his words choke up in his throat, desperately trying not to cry in front of her , he clears his throat and grins, brushing his mane away from his face a little as they continue to look at each other, the breeze still fluttering their manes*
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    If you could date anyone

    There is one person, from this site, but im not going to name names
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    Nurse Red Heart having a moment. Quick Sketch

    This is the least offended I've ever been... xD
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    I love you because

    I would love to give you special cuddles xD
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    Private Trouble at Sea

    @@Lightning Bliss, *He nuzzled her back giving a slightly sheepish grin before nodding and replying* Sure Sis, lets get you out of here and fixed up *Smiles at her encouragingly as he leads her up the long broad corridors, he turns his head to the side as they trot further onwards, their hooves clip clopping on the smooth stone floor* Some rough night huh? I've got to be honest I'm still not used to being a guest at these royal event's or ceremonies even though we have been to a few together now *Sighs a little and runs his hoof through his mane, making it spike up randomly looking rather dishevelled* I'm not sure how you cope with it all, your one strong mare for sure *Bumps his side against hers playfully* *They stop outside her room and stand before the large solid oak door with it's cast iron handle, slowly he turns it and the door swings open revealing a grand guest room beyond, as she walks in he kicks the door gently shut behind them with his back legs and lays back on her bed, looking a little weary, he enjoyed the comfort of the soft feather quilt and let out a content groan as he stretched, relaxing his back muscles from hours of sitting. He looks over to her and smiles affectionately* Are you sure your feeling okay Bliss? Do you need me to do anything or need any help?
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    I love you because

    I love you because you like my special cuddles
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    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    sek x lightwing
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    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    @@Sky Cutter, Woops, my bad then
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    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    @, Well thanks I guess xD And yeah nokia
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    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Cant remember if I posted this pic, sorry if I already have >_< Boring as usual
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    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    3 / 10 dont like the art style and a little blurry
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    Private Trouble at Sea

    *He stopped smirking as he realized that Bliss was genuinely upset , he noticed the other ponies gathering around her and felt a little ashamed that he had laughed in the first place, he decided not to intervene, instead he sat on the window ledge and stared out over the horizon, sighing a little as he continued to watch the scene unfolding before him, he winced a little as he could feel her sorrow and embarrassment through the connection that they shared*
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    Bronies, what hair type do you fall for?

    I love the 'emo style' hair, I find that very attractive on girls it suits, but in general don't really mind I also quite like sporty looking ponytails and stuff
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    Private Trouble at Sea

    *Without a moments hesitation he bursts free from the group of ponies and bounds over at top speed to the window, almost crashing into it in his excitement, for a few moments he stops and stares in wonder, his mouth gawking as his brain barely managed to take in the spectacle of the grand yacht* Wow... *He presses up to the glass pane of the window and places his hooves on it as he stares out at the ship beyond. The sun glistens off the surface of the crystal blue water revealing a multitude of coloured fish swimming below the surface as the grey clouds above begin to break. Dock workers scurry back and forth their daily activities not seeming to notice the multitude of seagulls squawking noisily above them, he turns back to his friends with a wide grin on his face and wagging his tail eagerly*