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    Italian Red Cross EMT - Electronic Engineer student
  • Birthday 1993-10-29

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    Veneto, Italy
  • Personal Motto
    Con l'ala tesa a gloria o morte. (with outstretched wing to glory or death)
  • Interests
    Electronic, High voltage research, i'm also an audiophile and a Red Cross EMT voluntieer

    Sports: Hiking, Treking, Climbing, Fishing, Gimkana with my Vespa, used to cycle and swim

    Favourite gender of Music: Classical, Swing, Rock & Roll, Rock, Metal

    Favourite Scientist: Nikola Tesla

    Favourite movies: Shooter, Gone with the wind

    Favourite place: The Alps, everywhere on them

    Hobbies: being on duty in the red cross of course!!!! Building rockets, building Vaccum tube amplificators, building Tesla Coils

    Favourite cars: Ferrari Italia, Lotus Elise, Dodge charger

    Favourite motorbike brands: Ducati, Motoguzzi, Piaggio (only Vespa!!!)

    Favourite weapons: Beretta ARX-160, Berretta 92fs Inox, Kar98k

    Favourite planes/jets: Eurofighter Thyphoon,Boeing 737/100

    Favourite Language: Venetian
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