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  1. hi guys i'm 24 and my skype name is micaiah.flores (real name) i like RPing,(nasty or otherwise) chatting, playing music i'm also very comfortable with my sexually (if you want to talk about and do not want anyone else to know or just get things off your chest i'm a very good listener lol) although i am straight-ish 98% and kinda good looking :3 so come one come all add me please
  2. well i mean sure finding my special somepony would be nice as well but i'm now at the point of i just don't care i'm to old for this shit now anyway and if someone does come along...maybe...but i'm basically done as of now..
  3. i mean sure being single is great,(SAVING ALL THE MONIES) but still some how in 25 years of life "i'm forever alone" that i don't get.
  4. i mean i'm not looking to *hard* (at all) at the moment but COME ON!!! good to know i'm not alone in this sad place called single-ism
  5. so i'm a pretty good looking 25 yr old male (apparently 7-10 by some pretty hot girls..) but oddly enough i've been single for all of it, and also apparently ignored by most of the female population with no explanation why. and no i'm not a hermit lol i'm very outgoing, *a little shy* very respectable, kind hearted, *honestly maybe to big for my own good* have a job etc. and i know i'm not doing anything wrong or do i have to be a *clears throat* a bucking flankhole! like what most of what movies and reality tell us...i think not.
  6. me being a musician i'd love the idea and well as everything stated
  7. alright well i'll just tell you my channel name its Micaiah Flores check me out and tell me what you think
  8. are there any dubstep artists that would like to find a way to colab with me i have a youtube channel that i do either ponystep covers or Drum & bass/drumstep covers if you wanna know more PM me and i'll link you to my channel thanks Sailu
  9. they could have done better but meh what you gonna do
  10. window, they could have done better with the transformations, the rushed ending and the should have been the two sisters castle not a fucking crystal tree.... but outside of that small nitpicks this was the best ep ever
  11. well i just read it cause i'll be missing the EP during work and i'll have to watch it later but wow it seems awesome