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    "my harmony mean's i'm loyality with my autoparts job working there for 17 years i'm proud to be dedicated to oreilly's cause !"
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    "dressing up at anime festivals hanging out with the Brony's
    and adding to my transformers toy series also I have 9 mlp fim toys total including a very hard too find one called sunset shimmer so brohoof me if like what I have to say ?

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  1. Today, everypony I got issue 28 of My Little Pony I'm a little behind on 4 issues before this one ? and the other comic is brand new Transformers Combiner Wars issue 39 ! Last idem on my list is an awesome Rainbowdash wallet i've never seen before ? It shows Rainbowdash flying at night time by the Ponyville houses with their lights on. How rainbooming 20%cooler was that ? later ponies.
  2. Hello, everypony I just ordered two rainboom awesome leaders of Combiner Wars toys of Evil decepticon Motormaster of the the dangerous Stunticons and Heroic Autobot Silverbolt of the protection of the skies and Earth of the Aerialbots 26.99 each on Amazon later !
  3. I'M reading some manga of Spice and Wolf does that count as reading a book?
  4. Here are my predictions to season 5 villains! We never had Banshee's, Scyllas or Evil Pirate ponies or even more spectra ponies of the spirit world. Who knows what's in store ?
  5. I'm ,so rainboom excited! , Everypony I got two Wii-U games on sale at Target called Pacman and the ghostly adventures 1 and 2 for only $19.99 a piece that's a awesome Derpy HOOOOves deal !
  6. Hello, Everypony I rainbowdash got some more goodies. Last week got a MLP FIM puzzle in a metal tin ball that says Rainbow Dash for 1 dollar at Walmart! Then today got another MLP FIM rainbow power puzzle with awesome Discord on it later !
  7. Hello, again everypony who wants to see more Transformers Combiner wars here is the rain boom awesome Devastator !
  8. Hello, everypony I know this a late banner. It took me two hours to make enjoy !
  9. OK, Everypony I saw two movies I rented. One was Nightcrawler about a photographer that goes around filming crime scenes, and the other one Among the Tombstones with Liem Neeson enjoy!
  10. Last week on Jan. 24th at friends place I saw the sequel to BUNNYMAN called BUNNYMAN MASSACRE it was awesome !!!
  11. The superbowl was DDDDERPY HOOOVES AWESOME so was Katy Perry riding on top of a animatronic lion for her song "Roar"! Everypony you should check out the humorous Superbowl commericial called Goal you'll know why?
  12. Last week Everypony, I played a imported DS game called PUZZLE BOBBLE it's hard . Well puzzle games are not suppose to be easy and no I can't read Japanese writing ? But it's easy to figure the simple A and B buttons for games like that . The other imported Ds games I also have is? DOKI DOKI MAGI SHAPAN - Yeah it's weird and naughty and the other is SPICE AND WOLF got it autographed by the voice of Larence in the show !
  13. As Rainbow Dash, she goes to the Stalactite Rocks and Loans Bank to spend her bits well. Then later is where I Wonder Bolts flyer comes in AT 20% COOLER SO AWESOME! How do you think Twilight Sparkle got all jewels made down in Ponyville at the Rainbow Factory of course?