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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. So what if, for example, one or more admins were behaving unethically?
  3. Uh, you know I'm talking about this, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6uYOOMfGGQ Hear hear, Pinkie has been absolutely horrible since season 3 started, but that one in particular just takes absolutely everything good about her and says "Yeah but wouldn't it be more dramatic if she were a terrible person instead?"
  4. There's a LOT in Season 4 I could go over, but nothing beats the season premiere's complete destruction of Celestia and Luna's characters with the Nightmare Mood flashback.
  5. Not exactly, Maud herself invented that rock candy, so the farm couldn't have been making candy for very long. That and, well, I find it doubtful the candy is very popular.
  6. Luna's real sister died almost a thousand years ago, but her line (and the royal secrets) were preserved over time. That would make this Celestia Luna's great great great (...) niece.
  7. I don't think it's about them being together, it's about them trying so hard to get their cutie marks. Like you said, their methods go against what actually gets ponies their cutie mark. It wouldn't matter if they were together or alone (Call of the Cutie). Even still though, I've always found that it's a lot more about the journey than the destination, and spending time together trying all sorts of things, is its own reward even if it would never get them their marks.
  8. A Friend in Deed, just mentioned in passing at the beginning. Pinkie Pie: Well, happy birthday, Cheerilee. Cheerilee: Thank you, Pinkie. Pinkie Pie: Happy day-after-your-birthday, Zecora! Zecora: What a lovely hi, Miss Pinkie Pie!
  9. Season 1: Pinkie, Gummy Season 2: Twilight, Spike, Cake twins, Cheerilee, Zecora, Season 3: ... Season 4: Rainbow Dash... and Sweetie Belle? Season 2 was Birthday Central.
  10. Dulset Tarn

    general questions Support tickets

    The point of a dispute is that the admins already have made a decision, and that decision is being disputed by the user. The dispute is two-sided, the user tries to demonstrate the decision was unwarranted, and the admin is charged with convincing that user that the ruling was not incorrect. An admin cannot close down the dispute as "resolved" simply because they've decided they don't want to bother. In fact, for all three of my disputes, I was the one asking for evidence and explanation (I never got any). Can you think of any reason why such disputes would be so consistently rendered "resolved" without my consent?
  11. Dulset Tarn

    general questions Support tickets

    I would like to request that my support tickets never be marked as "resolved" without my consent, please. 3 out of 3 tickets "mistakenly" marked resolved despite obviously not being resolved, I believe, is more than enough reason to just wait for my consent, thank you.
  12. McCarthy only cares about her super special OC Cadence, mentor and parental figure to Twilight Sparkle and friend to her above all other Princesses.
  13. I have heard a rather... consistent case made for the idea that Pinkie masterminded the whole thing to show Fluttershy that singing on stage wasn't so bad. She voiced Fluttershy's irrational fears, orchestrated Big Mac's voice problem, knew Fluttershy would have to fill in, and after Fluttershy was exposed, she (quite painfully) demonstrated that even Fluttershy's worst fears weren't really all that bad in the end. Personally I don't buy such ad hoc justifications, but as long as we're throwing these theories out there, this one should be on the table.
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