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Paranoia, Oh my love of this game cannot be described but what can be described is that this game is For those people who want to play something out of the box, Something So odd that people rarely get the point. I want people to play Scared, Paranoid and Desperate to leave this Scary and foreboding Set of rooms This game does have an ending, But that's not the Goal for if it was people would think that there was a prize or something to gain, No there is nothing to gain, No goal outside playing that dark part of human nature (Or pony nature if that's what you wish to play) So I ask you, Do you wish to partake in Insanity?


You wake up in a room with more then you in it, You're attention is immediately drawn to the tubes at the head of you're plain white bed, Tubes filled with an indescribable liquid blacked out whatever is inside. To you're right you see three other being's, all with the same arrangement of tubes and the same white bed. as you do. All that is clear is you weren't here before you're day started nor Does it make any sense how you could have gotten here with time being displaced you have no clue how long you were out or how much time has passed, hour's, Day's, week's  Who know's and who's to say all these other people (Ponies) are sane and not dangerous. 


Whatever it is that you wish to do, Maybe it all lies behind that door, Or that note that's in you're hand.


Well Here's Paranoia, Ask any questions.

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